Marvel vs Capcom 2 on PSN: Roll call!


You know the drill, drop the username, what team you play, where you’re located, and how long you’ve been playing Marvel.

I’ll start …

Username: Bunkei- (whoever took my nickname on PSN, FUCK YOU … I hope you get violated a with cucumber!)

Team: Cable/Storm/Jin (AA)

How long have I played MvC 2: literally since the game came out in '99 at the arcades, but I’m no good. I have as much skill at this game as someone with cerebral palsy (no offense if you actually have that).

Location: Seattle (Seatac), WA


username: takgahxia

Teams: Mag/Sent/Cyke

History: been playing since 2002. Used to play with DavidL, and other regulars at james games.


username: nero7154

Team(s): - Magneto/Sentinel/Psylocke

History: Been playing since '99 (pre-ordered the import version for DC with overnight shipping…yes, I’m that cool :xeye:) I have been playing ever since. Honestly, I have been waiting for this day for 10 damn years, because every time I fire up the import version I see “Online” staring me right in the fucking face!


username: XxKen34xX

Storm, Sent, Cable
Felicia, Juggs, Cable
Blackheart, Doom, Commando
Spiderman, Ken, Psylocke

History: been playing since 2003, but only took the game serious since 2005, so i suck ass at this game, everyone will rape me easy. im easy wins for anyone.


Username: shinjuvi
Teams: sent-cable-cyke

Been playing seriously since 07 before i was an ultra scrub. Hit me up.


Username: todouken
Teams: Mag/Sent/Blackheart

Been playing this game casually since Dreamcast. Never learned tons of pro techniques. Learned some Mag and Sent stuff a while ago, but mostly just playing for fun still.


Username: suken19

  • Mag, Storm, Sent
  • Mag, Sent, Commando
  • Mag, Cable, BBH
  • Sent, Iceman, Commando

Been playing this game since it first came out. I can’t wait until I get home today…


username: beatsofdevil


mostly been playing these teams lately

played extremely casually (by myself) since it came out…started playing others around 2005, started getting serious with the actual tournament players in my community in 07. I have gotten pretty good IMO pretty quickly so if you want a challenge :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully I’ll be a challenge for you.


Username: JRezaF

I’m at like 10-1 now (I suck vs team scrub :*(
Location: Los Angeles

IM (or Omega Red)/Strider/Doom

I’ve been playing a while, and wouldn’t mind teaching new players the ropes. Look me up.


Username: ShinShom



I play since 2004, always used magneto based team, but a few years ago I started to work chun-li out and I got some interestind different stuff and nice results. Better not take me lightly :wink::wgrin:


Username: AJ

Team: Magneto, Iron Man, Sentinel
Juggernaut, Hulk, Cyclops
Strom, Sentinel, Captain Commando

since 2004, second team is gimmick.


username: Dj-Clayface

teams: MSP, Matrix, Santhrax

since it came out


Username: SmashedPotatoes

Teams: MSS, Row, Any Sentinel Team MSP

Started in 2004… Learned a lot on my own and watched tons of combo vids… then I met Justin and Sanford through the Tekken scene and learned a lot from them…


Username: zowpow

Teams: mag/cable/capcom, mag/storm/psy, storm/cable/capcom

2-3 years, decent at best


Username: KrisRon

Teams: MSP, MSS, Santhrax, SSCyc, Scrub (sometimes), IMSentCable, and Clockwork (sometimes).

History: I’ve been playing since 2003, but I didn’t start playing competitively until 2005. During in 2005, I learned many techniques and faced many well-known players such as Bill (Deus), Mike Ross, Magnus, Phat Toi, and Calvin at Super Arcade. Nowadays I play at many arcades such as AI, James Games, and Gameworks at the Ontario Mills.


Username: M_Chibi

Teams: Felicia / Tron / BB Hood (main)
Jill / Thanos / Colossus
Cable / Thanos / Colossus
Random / Random / Random

Been playing since 99, but I’m average at best. I taught myself the game before I had ever found SRK, so I can’t really play any of the top tier (outside of a basic Cable / barely passable Sent). My main team may surprise you though, so don’t count it out.



Been playing… since… roughly… the launch of the game. On a basicly every day or every other day basis.

psn name: astalas

Spiral/SilverSam/Doom (my take on a chip dmg team)

A few trends eh? I’ll be playing misc low tier as well… when I end up in rooms that warrant it…


Username: ExiaSmasher

Team: Megaman, Ironman, Sentinel

History: I started with the xbox 360 re-release. I’m not that good :shy: I’ve watched a lot of videos though… never really got to play the game until a couple weeks ago lol

Location: Toronto, Ontario


PSN ID: “Hi-Risk” and "LookAtTheDamage"
Location: Honolulu, HI
Background: Been playing since 1999. Stopped playing competitively since 2001. Currently a casual SF4/MVC2/XvsSF/BB player.
Teams: BH/Sent/CapCom, Storm/Sent/CapCom, Mag/Storm/Psy, Mag/Strider/Spidey, Team Shoto, Megaman/Doom/Juggy

I just play random teams most of the time. Prefer them low tiers because I ain’t that good. I’m down to play top tier though and I’ll definitely try my best. :sweat:



Played casually since it came out, got competitive/good around 06

Play: MSP, Combofiend, MSS

although, I can use half the roster.

Location: Norcal

I’m down for casuals all night tonight but I wont be home til like 11. I’ll play low tier or high tier. (sabretooth ftmfw)

Also, do you guys mind editing where you’re from? That way we can add people for good connections.