Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Sprites

I’m looking for a site with the animated sprites (not sure what they’re called in actuality) for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. If anyone could post a link, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Uppin. :xeye:

wrong forum, try image mishmash bish

oh. Ok!

Nobody is viewing that section though! Oh noes.

They only have characters up to G right now though.

Thanks! Love the avatar, btw.

that site is awesome. they have so much stuff in one place. i didn’t ask but cheers for the link bbq.

oooo fgen is back up… i remember thier bandwidth kept getting rape a couple of years ago… good to see them back… wow im late

Late with what

Fighter’s gen has been up for months, but the character section just came back recently.

I’ve notice not all there pics/sprits came back :sad:

Yeah. Does anyone know when they’re going to add some more letters to their character database