Marvel vs capcom 2 stream



lol come and watch/challenge me.
im not good but at least you can beat me in front of viewers =P

edit: fixed link. sorry about that guys


lol this is hot




how do i join ur games since ur friends list is full


send me a message on live. then ill invite you


lol you pwned pretty hard. have you played against that megamands guy or mvc2 roundhouse? those are probably two of the best guys i played against.
merdoc is really good so is mike in flames.
idk if you played them
=P good game dude


hey thanks for the invite. tomorrow night i’ll have my girl play she really wanted to play.

and yes i’ve played megamands and mvc2 roundhouse they both give me a hard ass time. they’re realllyyyyy good. thanks again for the invite. when i go on tomorrow you can tell everyone it’ll be a girl :slight_smile: i’ll message you on LIVE

oh yea i got merdoc on my myspace lol


im going to get beat by you and your gf?
lol someday when i get a stick ill go from bad to decent and ill kill 1 of your guys =P


dodon is world class. the stuff he’s pulling is a combo video. probably mikez lol


do you k now him? lol
im going to try and F/R him lol


i’ve played him before in casuals this guy is the real deal. sucks that he stutters sometimes on my side so i miss crucial stuff. but seriously this guy is a combo video.


we have a pretty good lobby going here lol. well just dodon pwning everyone


good games in the channel everyone. that was a treat watching dodon beat everyone’s ass with team shoto. that guy is my new hero.


this looks awesome! I want in!


im not that good either add me to play whenever. GT a Tanex remains


this will help my day at work go by faster


if you click the stream and im not streaming. then just favorite me.
i will also use this thread to post when im playing.
if you want to play just send me a message to my gamertag (thexwonderxboy) and ill send you a lobby invite to play lol.
last night shinalkuma and nippzor were tearing it up.
lets see who does tonight.
but yeah ill be on in a little and post when the stream is up


ill be streaming for a bit against some pretty good people excluding myself of course =P


im streaming right now


stream is up