Marvel vs Capcom 2: The Guessing Game now answered

ANSWER added on August 27:

10 - None of the above - Some pad player vs Justin Wong. You can find more written details by Selvagem in the video links below.

WINNERS also added on August 27 - Best answers in my opinion:


This is a little game from a Portuguese speaking forum and now on You Tube. The basic idea is to see how easy or how hard it is to judge someone based on a video.

I liked the concept and, if people like it, maybe it can be done for other games as well.

Here is the link for the game:


Video 2. Same players. Same day:


Video 3: Same players. Same day:


Video 4: Same players. Same day:


Video 5 with a new team: Same players. Same day:


Video 6: Same players. Same day:


Video 7 : Same players. Same day:


Video 8: Same players. Same day


Prize: I will give one month Premium Membership to whoever gets the best answer, by which I mean the correct answer with solid reasoning. I know this is not much, but it is a prize nonetheless. Something to strive for!

NEW RULE added on August 21: Whoever names player 2 right first wins! I am still going to give the one month premium account for the best answer here at, no matter who wins the game on YouTube, so if you want to guess on both players and elaborate this will be welcome as well.

Thank you all for playing and good luck!

And here is the quote from the video explanation by Selvagem on You Tube.

you should have done this for where more than ~8 characters are playble. that alone makes it hard to distinguish.

Yeah he is right, it is kinda hard to distinguish some players from each other. Even though some players are fairly noticeable for certain quirks in their gameplay.

Maybe it’s because I’ve watched many hours of Wong and Sanford matches but I can usually tell their playing styles easily. Oh and I’m not saying those 2 playing were Sanford vs Wong. Judging by the vid I feel it’s #.3 but I could still be very wrong. The lack of DF HPing by Cable kinda clued me in.

Cody plays SSC, rattana doesn’t typically play CapCom. Justin wong is better than that with Cable. MMDS plays Mag. First, though… when was this recorded? That would be a BIG clue. People change their style of play all the time.

Randy Lew vs Pigadoken?

Unless Wong is playing 3 Striders, I can’t relaly guess.

Deffinately not a good game to do this with, so it is indeed a guessing game… I’m going to go with number 10, none of the above…

itd be pretty easy if you could just tell from their characters :confused:

I’ll guess 8.

I’m actually guessing that it IS Cody v Rattana. Rattana had a disappearance in there a couple years or so, but before he came back playing MSS at every tourney his entire roster was various teams of two point characters plus Commando. He was the evil genius behind Cable/Doom/Commando that had everybody in Seattle using it at B5, and he was also fond of Mag/Commando with either Sentinel or Cable in the middle. Once in a while you’d even catch him using Scrub.

And if it was Cody v Rattana, then the match probably took place several years ago, and yeah, Storm/Sent/Commando v Scrub would’ve been a matchup those two probably would’ve used back then. The rather phrenetic style of the two Sentinels fighting each other also smells a little like Seattle to me.

It’s JWong’s sentinel color but I’m sure it isn’t him.

i dont think its any of those.

so #10 for me

i dunno who picks all their characters with lk

if it wasnt for colors, the person with the red/blue sent doesnt do hp hk after the rp corner combo. and they missed a lot of shit sanford and wong wouldnt. so idk…prolly some west coast players i dont know of

How about you put all kinds of spiral team vids in there and guess the person who is playing that team. Shouldn’t be so hard LOL…fucking eh… LOL


It’s a joke by the way.

I’m guessing number 7. Not because I’m knowledgeable about the game or anything, I just like number 7. :smiley:

I’m guessing number 3

I don’t think it’s 1,2,3,5. The Capcom snap out error near the end, kind of rules those guys out. Sanford/JWong’s Sentinel is more dangerous than that as well. Sanford wouldn’t lose to that team, and wouldn’t miss that unblockable. It’s really tough to guess, but if I have to guess, I’d go with Randy Lew vs Pigadoken, simply because I don’t watch those guys play enough to know their play style.

Randy Lew vs Pigadoken

Its the only logical answer I can see.

Very hard indeed.

I cant tell by style, or unnecessary combos, or even by mistakes, cause everyone make mistakes.

And i dont know if it is a money match, or a tournament, that could add the psychological pressure…

Maybe it is someone without the favorite team.

BTW, Good Game, and I like the song.

Random tag-ins, going for dumb tricks, worst custom music ever… it’s Albert, all right.

definately west coast and not 1-4 for sure. Beyond that i’m nto sure