Marvel vs Capcom 2: The Guessing Game now answered

Aerial Rave, not Air Combo…who has a japanese copy of marvel with custom music…?

I give.

Nice observation. I’m going to guess 9. Don’t think it’s Randy Lew vs Pigadoken, because Pigadoken wouldn’t miss a lot of stuff…

Huh? He misses stuff all the time. Always trying to do a crazy combo or something.

This vid must be really old. It’s probably randy vs pig I remember seeing this match, Doesn’t look like pigadoken at all imo although left side looks like randy especially sentinel vs sentinel.

I don’t recognize neither of those styles…

scratches head


Number 9

like this game is hard to play? why care about whos best

I can’t do ROM infinite :frowning:

It is nearly impossible to judge by the videos.

But Ill try a guess.

I have some minor reasons, but it is not different from a guess, anyway, so, Ill say it is number 6.

But it is definitely a Good Match.

:rolleyes: whatever

Well, they’re listening to Linkin Park, so the players are white from a well-off suburban home.

Im going with 9, just for the simple fact it was posted by him, and no one’s recognized the match yet.

You guys aren’t following the instructions. Take a look at the page and try again.

I don’t follow Marvel at all, so I have no experience. Though using the power of anal, it is clearly #9.

4 or 6

I love this idea…Fighterbox you know I’m all for it…


Same players. Same day:


This may make the game a little bit easier, or maybe not. You may change your opinion at anytime if you want. I will link any new videos of the Guessing Game here. I believe Selvagem is going to post the answer on YouTube in a couple weeks. I am also posting the new video on the first post on the thread.

On a side note, is it possible for me to change the title of the thread? If I can, I will change it to let everyone see when a new video is added to the game.

Thank you all for playing and good luck!

thats randy’s cable. 6 ftw

I believe Duc is the only player who can do what Cable did at 0:35 on video 2. So I am guessing it is some WC player that practices with him. Either Randy or Potter, if they do.

Um, Randy is (1) a Cable God, and (2) a NW player.

I still say Randy v. Albert.