Marvel vs Capcom 2: The Guessing Game now answered

I know you’re a NW vet, Stilt, but the newer music would say that it isn’t an old match where they’d be using those teams. I’ve been playing against Cody for quite a while now, and he wouldn’t touch the team seriously. Rat is beasting at GW right now. Kuan has yet to show his face. Hermit bastard.

I thought the game would run a little faster, but Selvagem is going to expose the results only at Evo weekend.

To keep things still interesting, he added a new video and I added a small prize.


Same players. Same day:


NEW RULE: I will give one month Premium Membership to whoever gets the best answer, by which I mean the correct answer with solid reasoning. I know this is not much, but it is a prize nonetheless. Something to strive for!

Thank you all for playing.

The Cable makes me want to say its Randy, but I’ve never seen Albert do any of those things with Storm. I’m going to go with Smoothviper vs Yipes because Erik plays [or used to play?] Cable and Yipes has a crazy Storm.

Damn… after game 2 and 3… ima have to say Erik vs Yipes… final answer.

Erik - His cable is smart… and mad technical.

Yipes - EVEN THOUGH he’s a MSP main player… Dude has a Sick ass Sentinel. I’ve seen him play personally and I know Jal can’t even fuck with the moves with storm as well as Yipes. So yea…

ok that storm is not albert in vid 3, has to be yipes.

I’ll say Potter vs Chunk, that storm was nuts, but I don’t think it was as fast and smoothviper I think plays a bit fancier with Sentinel and usually picks Black Sent.

this is sooo random lol

this game is almost as good as marvel itself, where’s the sidebets?

If all of those are the same players then one of the players is definitely yipes or sanford, but I’d bet money it is yipes. therefore yipes vs. smooth viper. Wait, Rattana and cody both don’t have enough vids to be instantly identifiable so it could be them two also

I guess Yipes vs. Smooth Viper…

for some reason that storm really reminds me of Yipes’ storm… the only thing that bugs me is the fact that Cable missed so many AHVB’s and the soundtrack. Doesn’t seem like a NY soundtrack and smooth viper doesn’t miss AHVB’s like that, but he could’ve been having a bad day or something.

But yea, I guess Smooth Viper vs. Yipes

I see some opinions and I have something to say.

First they judge by mistakes “it couldnt be wong”, they say, “wong wouldnt miss that”, then some say “oh yeah, it is Sanford!”, or “it is random, Randy wouldnt do that”.

I know who won this game already. It is the owner of this topic who owned all of us because we cant definitely judge by videos, we cant tell by the music, we cant tell by the color of Captain Commando, we cant tell by the way Sentinel play… We cant even say if it is some Japanese players!

Both players are hella good, thats all I can tell. But some say they are not…

I could try to say that that Cable is the former champion Rodolfo from Seattle (from “oh God! Hundrethirtytwo hits! Hundrethirtytwo hits!” old video, Rodolfo vs Kuan finals).

Hm… I was thinking…

Player 2 could be Justin Wong, but in the options, Justin is number 1 - “Justin vs Sanford”. Justin does not look player 1, but looks player 2, and Sanford doesnt look neither 1 nor 2. Still not enough to give reasons to support the answer… so bad, I will not win a premium membership…

So I will stick to my option 10 “none of the above”. It can be Rodolfo (Seattle) vs Justin. Dont call me crazy!


Same players. Same day:


Thank you all for playing and good luck!

btw, a lot of people won’t be on to read the answer on evo weekend

Well, I gotta go straight for the prize then. Storm on game 3 is the craziest shit ever, and Cable on game 4 is so solid and smart that took the entire team of the craziest shit player. And until now nobody picked my choice yet, which means I can win solo. I’ll go with number one - Justin Wong vs Sanford.

I was thinking Duc vs Sanford because of the GC AHVBs and crazy ass player 2, but only Wong can OCV Sanford like that. And if there is somebody else who can learn to do those GCs all the time, its Justin Wong.

Video 4 is

2 - Smoothviper vs Yipes

im almost sure its smoothviper vs. yipes.

but this would be og smooth.


oh no

I say 6.

Randy Lew’s cable uses a lot of normal jump turtling strategy. His Sentinal is also solid but not fancy.


Video 5

scrub vs mss-a