Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)


Anybody wanna go first to 10?

yeah I hate playing against psun, hes a runaway troll. He’s not even that good, when someone comes in and wrecks him he rage quits

There’s like 4 different players ragequitting on ranked this morning lol

get out of ranked and find me, im about to get on

edit: everyone i ran into on ranked just now was free except I lost twice to some scrub storm hiding behind tron and cyclops…one player sent me a message asking me to give him a free win for a trophy so i ran into him again on ranked and beat him again LOL

edit: hopped back on ranked again, ran into the same, made someone raqe quit 3 times in a row, lost to FLOORryuken runaway storm again, and Eugenes spiral/cable/sentinel team. Now I remember why I dont play ranked anymore hahaha

WOW!! Almost a week has gone by since mvc2 tourney thread was posted and only about 8 peeps have signed up!! Sadly, seems this game is long gone from the tournament scene (online) and I’ll be surprise if at least 16 people sign up to this.

Here’s the thread!!

I havent signed up cause im going to busy more than usually starting tomorrow, so ill just stick with playing in a lobby every once in a while haha :frowning:

the less people that sign up the more easy it is for me to win :coffee:

Just played against some scrub named swang_n_bang_ek. worse team scrub ive ever played. gets lucky a lot. actually thinks hes better than me when he cant even fly with sentinel. got him to RQ on me in the end after my rogue got a perfect on his cable and halfway through his shitty sentinel. one trick pony, and a lot of luck on this guy. he should buy some lottery tickets.

Ngs to nickguy. It wasnt a good game, it was a normal game! -_-

Ggs to ez and nightly

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LOL don’t think so son!! GGs to Suspect, NickGuy, nightshift and to the nOOb impressed with my Dhalsim play-style (nuubz4lunch). Playing rusty as **** since MW3 is all I play now and not playing 100% due to controller messing up.

anyone wanna play just add me… ricky504mag also play umvc3 and ssf4

U won’t get any friends by saying stuff like that

lmfao I just checked my ranked online record, I know when I first started playing a little over 2 years ago I just kept playing ranked and getting my ass whooped but I didnt know I play that many matches… I HAVE LIKE ALMOST 1000 LOSSES AND 300 WINS

Good stuff Suspect.

I’ve been pretty free in marvel lately. ):

Can’t go a month with the obligatory “MvC2 is dead” post from EZ

yeah ggs as usual, I got off cause I was playing worse than usual, its ok to get bodied by you but I should not be losing to datkidpwhatever

GFGs to nothing blue , nick, VCfan and Walkman yesterday
Love playing cable. Since I suck so much with Sent, I think IMA switch to Doom
and now I know why there aren’t so many combofiend players out there…

I didn’t say that and I haven’t said that in a while but the results speak for itself am I right?!?!

I think you did, upon the release of 3SO.