Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)


Damn I need to re-buy this game, I lost it when I lost my password to my old psn =’(


Fireblazer_x9, Agesvc, Spider_M1ke and that fuckin troll polqn. Where the hell were these guys hiding when Im online? craziness


stomp stomp GENE SPLICE stomp stomp


I was saying the same thing about you too when I came on and I started messaging you and you didn’t reply and I thought you were offline.

And then I found your lobby and even joined it and still messaged you and you didn’t reply until you left the lobby like WTF

And you asked me how long I was gonna be on and I’m thinking wtf you can’t play me now or something? So I dipped to go play League


Im very sorry about that man. I had to go and get some stuff done at home depot (we got a hole punching ghost in my apartment complex lol). But we can definitely have a FT10 when you’d like to, but I may not have a PS3 in the middle of next week


Sometime today good?


assmode/k1 n nk4life epic games!

trololmao: uhhhh … uhhhhh *ree games thanks! lol


Yep. Im going to be on in an hour until’


k i’ll hop on in an hour


GGs X_Sword, solid Strider play and Cable forever my kryptonite LOL

X_Sword over me 10-9


X wanna play?


Wow being on the road is making me miss a LOT. There’s new people for me to smack around too??? BTW I forget who asked but no Me and Da Dragon are not the same people. We just cool wit each other. He’s a Sadist and I’m a Purist. XD And Nick you getting a lil too happy with the fuck IM’s in here. Don’t make me go dust him off and remind you what he REAL Tony Starks can do!!! BTW Welcome BHK. I’ll hit you up on FB homie. David V callin people free is too funny in that group LOL. I should be back home Saturday. I’m in KY right now. Pissed because there’s been no loads goin out so I been sittin here away from my family for almost 2 days NOT MAKING MONEY. I’m getting pissed.


a big fat cock called CAPCOM will put those niggaz to sleep!


GGs EricGGMusic. You got that touch of death team lol. I should try these FT# more often to boost my skills up. after watching those DJ B13 vids, I gotta learn Cyc/IM/Sent. Cyc is crazy.

And yes sir Kef. Just send me a message and we could square up lol


LOL my Storm is actually really shitty. That’s why I dropped thrax a long time ago to main Rogue, but I’ve been playing Rogue for so long and then coming back to thrax and realizing I can still win more games with thrax than my current main team… kinda feels like I just threw away over a year of playing this game

i’ll say that playing more FT# sets will make people better players because even if it’s not for money or w/e, people still have one goal to aim for, whereas just playing casuals all day, people just pick w/e teams and just play with no purpose other than for having fun, which of course playing games is to have fun but something like a FT# set will push you because both players have a common goal and that is to get to 5, 10, w/e the number may be, first before the other player gets there


Nice. I had a lot of trouble with your Rogue and I found myself putting strider as point because MM was getting rocked lol. I had him in front to gain meter but each time I misread your mixups it was always a dead character(especially with Tron too). I assume the Storm zone game isnt your thing?I got a lil storm but she gets beat up easily lol.

I feel you on the character loyalty though, because I gotta have Strider on most of my teams. He’s fun but risky and it makes battles against higher stamina characters fun to play.



Hit me up at Imashbuddenz for some session.


YOOOO ELSALVADOR POWERS 1-3, esp #2 are salty bastards. I decided to play cable and got nuttin but mad hate mail from them. Its great making peeps saltly cuz dats wat i DO! :looney:

el slavevadorian, mexi-ho’s are all the same in gettin ownage in mvc2! lulz

“pay your cable bill”


this kind of thing makes you want to stop playing



don’t get shot!

“pay your cable bill”