Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)


They sendin ya boy to Lyons,NY XD


games anyone?


If you’re ever stopping through Binghamton, you’re more than welcome to stay at my place.


give me an hour!


I hate not being good


OK, can’t believe im back in SRK lol. I heard my name being dropped a few times, and people are wondering who I am. I play IM,WM,Cable. I also play Combofiend. I only have one account. Im not pvirus or any others you think i am. I played this game since it came out. I used to play at FFA, Regency(my home arcade spot), alex arcade, and just other random spots. Im not that good, but I’ll definitely give you a run for your money. Unless you run away with storm that is lol. anyways, GG’s much respect or hate whatever you want. but yeah, add me if you want to play some matches. “general_THRILLAH” I also play 3rd strike, tekken 5DR, tekken 6 UMVC3 and just any other fighting games that are out.


I was like “John Wayne/Clint Eastwood” vs Codigox. only one cable walked away from that “bar” fight! gg to that nig!

assmode-another fabulous set. your play style is exactly like K1 from xbox. great matches.

cable> oWNz scrubz :clapdos:


I wish I had a good Cable

Been practicing with Magneto, I want to have a decent ROW by FR


cool story, pick IronMan brah



nah, but he’s next on my list. sometimes I wish GWM was in this game (though he’d get raped by AHVB and hail)


Anyone wanna get some games in?


Be the next big thing by picking up Dhalsim fool! Give him a try won’t hurt and maybe then you’ll love Dhalsim :wink:

Hey so did EricGGmusic retire already? lol


Pretty much. Haven’t logged onto my PS3 in a week

I know I want my last match to be the 4 way FT10 with nickguy wangtracks and mystic though


Well Mr. Eric, I say that 4-way tango Wangtracks will take it. You should make Dec 31, 2012 your last day before you retire. Some how I get the feeling you’ll be back or be back playing under a new accnt without telling anyone.



ggs like always Yuu_mei


I took it Last time but Nickguy and GFB weren’t using their best team!!


Me neither

Gonna fuck you all up with Thrax LOL


I don’t think so.
GGs, nice long sets and good shit. You way too serious, lolz.



LOL ggs to you too bro.


promise next u got me dawg!
btw u have nice air dash with storm!