Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)


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Need help OG IM players.

Any tips on doing the solo infinite solo setup after a launch? I mean this one:

  • :hk: > j.:uf::hp: xx :lp::hp::db:>:f:>j.:lp:>j.:uf:>start infinite
    I am getting it sometimes, but it seems inconsistent.

I need it for my Iron-Man/Ruby Heart anchor combo so I can do into the infinite from anywhere. I will post a vid later if you guys don’t know what I am talking about.


Because there’s is like 50 easier ways to do it solo LOL


I’ll make a vid later and show you but I got some vids up already if you want to see em. But before the HP I usually don’t hold up+F, I usually let it go to neutral after the sj and do the F. Then ADDF and use LP,LP then up fierce because it puts em at a perfect position to style on em. the 2 lks puts em too high and the up+F after the RH unless you have unfly or a certain assist leaves the chance of a drop and with IM you NEVER want to drop.


If you can sneak it in the sj+lk, addf lk,lk, F,, C.lp, sjc into infinite works beautifully. If you can get it at start of match on an opponent who loves to crouch you’d be golden.


ggs kef. drop ruby and put in cable, and you can play team david lee!


@ Khaos dragon - he’s talking about IM hitting people @ sj height - and using fly and Ruby anchor to bring em down, hence the Hk, sj up Hp method of starting the infinite. The launch, neutral Hp, AD df LP, Lp, up feirce won’t work from the a2g set up with Ruby anchor ( You’ll get FS from neutral Hp)

No real tips kef - just practice. I like to dash df quickly (after sj up Hp) and slightly delay the Lp, up Hp

If you land a crouching Lk, crouching Mp, Hk … the set up khaos dragon posted is fairly easy ( sj neutral or forw. Hp). It’ll work as you won’t get flying screen. Of the infinite set ups that is the easier one - the up HP after launcher being 2nd and the sj cancel from down mp being the hardest IMO.

EDIT - a vid showing the sj LK set up on crouchers would be nice - remember hearing about it ages ago ( from Mixup? i think).


I got it down now. It is very easy actually. Now I am just trying to find setups with IM+Rocks. Looking for an infinite setup in the corner, seeing how the setup with RH’s anchor doesn’t work in the corner.


lol damn namix really sucks, tries to counter my ROW with scrub. I’m like “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM” pick scrub and 3-0 him, make him take his hands off the sticks and quit. send him a nice miessage “best cable on psn” :slight_smile: lol




this post needs more iron man


Speaking of…whats the best way to start ROM from st. hk? Ive tried spacing the hits out but it doesnt seem to work :frowning:


i normally just randomly jump and press UP+Roundhouse. Sometimes I pick Psylocke Anti-air assist and spam it while jab jumping. /sarcasm


huh? i mean when you hit, then sj after them




ggs gcon and king david


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New screenname for MvC2 only, SANFORDthe2ND

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