Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)


Lol actually I’m not :smiley:


ggs to everyone i played today and yesterday. i feel like a fucking newbie again. trying to learn magneto was a bad idea. I dont even know how im losing, if its lag, the teleporting shit, or crouching shorts hidden behind assists who knows. nothing makes sense in this game anymore to me. fly hk unfly hk connects on assist but then im being romed cause somehow magneto can dash through that and sj lk? now I know why mixah stopped playing this shit.


LMAO forget that magFREEneto crap! I’ve actually found a big weakness on you when we played our FT10 yesterday. You’re losing because you’re bringing out your assist to soon and I’m able to punish your assist off of that.

My advice: Adjust your game-play and bring out assist ONLY when your opponent brings out his first. :wink:


Game’s random wack shit, no?


the other day I was playing someone’s team scrub with storm/sent/cyke, hit cable and capcom with a low short, launch into air combo into lightning storm on both of them, etc. I dhced to sentinel and cable fell out, rolled, recovered, and ahvb’ed me from behind through the waves of drones

shit was so random


GGs to Locdown, Team_Clockw0rk and Sodasic yesterday!


was it vs you or gcon where I alpha countered in the first wave of HSF and AHVBed? I thought you could only do it after the second wave passed.

anyways, watched alot of randy lew and neo vs blackjuan. my resolve is strengthened. fuck magneto, Im gonna work on my scrub more :nunchuck:


ggs NK4LIFE, 4 wins? hollaaaaa lol


You GDLK my guy. My ironman and sent are BOOTY.


I gotta get the hang of that stomp pressure. damn cyke ruins everything lol.


Final Round XVI Mvc2 Exhibition Match Card Lineup. If I forget someone or you want to be added to the card let me know asap. All of these matches are confirmed + there will be a surprise exhibition match set you will not want to miss. I wont speak on it, you will just have to show up and see what happens. More matches will be added so Lets get it crackkin!
Final Round XVI Exhibition Match Card Lineup

(Main Events)
VDO Vs Rappleross

VDO Vs Rick Payton
NickGuy Vs Vegita-X
WorldMatchue Vs Rappleross
VDO Vs Skitz

(Surprise Exhibition Match)
TBA! See you at Final Round XVI

Facebook Event:
Thread: [Mar 29, 2013] TYS Mvc2 Final Round XVI 2013 (Atlanta, GA)


Yo i was playing in ranked matches yesterday, and was gonna play this dude i had already beat once and he rage quit, i had team matrix, he msp i think match is about to start, i had sentinel first only when the start screen came up he wasnt there, he was invisible, and you could only see his shadow. I couldnt move or anything and the other dude couldnt hit me, i hit him once for some reason even though i was mashing but only one lp came out than my ps3 froze, shit was retarded. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


no, but weird shit is happening tonight on mvc2 for me

first im in a game with smokincat, and it freezes my ps3. restart it, get back on mvc2, and its the demo?!


^just did this shit AGAIN




whaaa, NickRocks?? Do you use Doctor Doom AAA now or something?

NickGuy>>>> NickRocks imho


Does Premium Supporter let you change your SRK name now?


NICKGOD > NickGuy > NickRocks

BGs to my brother, asshole was watching videos so it didn’t let me play Yuu :confused:


another day where I cant do shit :frowning: ggs locdown


GGS Locdown my Friend said GGs as well! You were making him salty hahahahhahahah
I was telling him about how you always say your Sent Sucks, he was “WTF I wish I had a Sent like that!”