Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)


lol, ggs. he was using MSS right? I’ve been trying to play thrax/matrix to work specifically on my sent so he’s been leveling up, i just can’t play storm


Yeah he was playing MSS




Am I the only person here who plays low-mid tier? My god tier is kinda weaksauce.

Anyways, BGs to Ty-e-ger and fivefierce. Fivefierce brings MSP, I bring Jill/cammy/BBhood. After his weak MSP losing mags without touching Jill he RQs. Comes back in the room with storm/sent/cable and loses to servbot/Dan/cammy. RQs next match against servbot/roll/ken. He sends me a message saying I’m a “niger” and I tell him to go practice.

Can some of you guys add me so I don’t have to play against RQin scrubs all night? New PSN for marvel is shape-o-bot3000


Good games to Charlie and BlackheartKing! I recently got back into Strider and you guys reminded me why I quit him in the first place lol. Thanks for helping me shake off the rust.


you quit strider? blasphemy, you shame me sir. You shame yourself.


Yeah, I dont think he won one game


Fixed. Yer Strider/Doom is GDLK. And now coupled with a new and improved robot should be even better once ya get the weights off of Strider =]


locdown had rust?

fuck my entire life


my issue with strider was more with the team than the character… once he dies and it’s doom/sent or sent/doom vs. anyone/anti air (especially cyke), they die a horrible fiery death

plus he’s too much damn work! even though my matrix/thrax suck it’s so much easier to just launch dhc and kill a character than put effort into creating perfect trap reps, avoiding assists, etc. for the same outcome

lol nick, not rust in general, just the last few months i’ve been trying to get good with matrix/thrax and have not really touched strider, so when i finally brought him back out my trap was like swiss cheese



TOURNAMENT MVP: Whispering_Wind AKA SANFORDthe3RD aka GIANGFORD KELLY aka GIANGTHRAX knocking rgasc into the losers bracket 2-0!!!

shoutouts to me wang and eric in top 8!!! we nice now?!


Im curious…how many of you guys play Marvel w/0 using assist?
LoL @ messages like These:


tell him to go play umvc3


umvc3 is future


the future of dildos


300, get a life dude, damn. Cant stand when trolls/ragequitters try to put other people on blast.




Yeah I’m furious

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LMAO :smiley:


good games to everyone i played recently.

glad i finally got to play yuu mei. godlike sent, some of the combos you landed had me yelling wtf really??? at my screen lol. teach me sentinallllll!

and this guy wangtracks has godlike rushdown. he positions his mag/im so that you react and block one way, then the drones end up moving you at the right moment so you get hit on the other side. shit is clutch