Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)


someone teach me how to rushdown :frowning:


Cable RushDown??? Only one person, That I Know, that Can do that…Charlie! Shit is to crazy…jab jab dash jab jab(Push block) drones dash jab jab jab

GGs Good sir, always fun! I mash to fuckin Much against your S/D, and your Sent makes me super salty when he smacks my IM down and I can’t catch it


i know how to do the jab pressure with cable, thats not what im talking about. i wanna have a good magneto :frowning:


ggs nic, loc, and NK4life.

yall leveled me up, im a big kid now.


ggs teiiy. im so garbage at this game


No, he just makes people feel like garbage.


damn it!!! i missed out on a tourney !!! when is the next one???


most of the regulars dont post in this thread anymore except maybe once in a while. most of us migrated over here


THRILLAH/Locdown Join the FB group!!


I’ll see you guys at Final Round. I’ll be the guy -not- watching Ultimate Shitass vs. Buttfuck 3 while finding a CRT to bring my DC and stick to.


Game’s wack.
Nick’s wacker.


OMG we HAVE to play@FR!


nick for president!!

foxstep has the best avatar ever

btw playing telly makes you automatically lose 15% of your skill, dude is too gdlk


Where is FR located?


Atlanta, GA
March 29-31


Hey thanks !!

you just gave me an idea for my new username…




we need to post in this thread again. people on the facebook group suck


I’ve back on dat Marvel since yesterday. Rust almost 100% shaken.


been messing with ROW again. Mag-proj stops alot more bullshit than I originally thought.