Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)


(Official Final Round 16 Schedule) On Friday there will be 3 tournaments going down on all consoles including Dreamcast/Ps3/X360 so thats 3 different ways to win. Top 3 winners for each console will be awarded 1st/2nd/3rd place medals and 1st place winner of the Dreamcast tournament will be awarded a crystal trophy. Saturday & Sunday will feature Exhibition Matches from some of the best old/new school players so stay tuned to the live stream for details and times. Play time has ended so let the madness begin. Lets get HYPE!

Friday, March 29


Entry Fee’s: Ps3/X360/$10 & Dreamcast/$20
Casuals & Registration: Starting at 12:00 Noon!
Ps3/X360 Tournaments: Starting at 3:00pm!
Dreamcast Tournament: Starting at 5:00pm!
Tournament Format: On (Ps3/X360) 2/3 / 3/5 / 1st to 5 / & On (Dreamcast) 3/5 / 4/7 / 1st to 5 /

Saturday & Sunday, March 30 - 31

(((Exhibition Match Card)))

(Main Event)
VDO Vs Rappleross

VDO Vs Rick Payton
Nick Vs Krazzy
VDO Vs Skitz
Primal Vs New Approach

(Surprise Exhibition Match)
To Be Announced. Check livestream for updates!

(((Afterhours at the Mvc2 Salty Suite)))

Friday, March 29: To Be Announced. Stay tuned for updates and additional info will be announced in the ballroom!
Saturday, March 30: Salty Suite Hosted By AirbrushKing/VDO/GOFORBROKE. Additional info will be announced in the ballroom!
Sunday, March 31: Salty Suite Hosted By GOFORBROKE. Additional info will be announced in the ballroom!

(((Livestream Times)))

Friday, March 29: Stream starts at 12 Noon!
Saturday, March 30: To Be Announced. Check live stream for details!
Sunday, March 31: To Be Announced. Check live stream for details!
Livestream Powered by GOFORBROKE:


Im gonna start "rage quitting"
if someone sits and waits for me to pick, im just gonna quit
if someone has the game in the bag and just runs away to taunt/troll, im just gonna quit. No reason to waste my time with idiots who have no life.


Its not ragequitting if youre not upset-


The Return of Genola.#


ggs to yuu mei. one hit kill with that combofiend, too much clutch, even when he’s down to just a sliver of sent/im or mag he can still pull out the W. GOOD SHIT!!!


great games loc! godanm that strider and doom is lethal! only way to take it out is to make sure their feet don’t touch the ground!! muahaha GGS!

darklaw my bad bro I had to bounce cause of emergency. Venom kicks ass :wink:


welp I no longer have a stick to play this game with…so Idk when I will be on again


new stick came in today

vs gcon, reverse ROW mirrors. I alpha counter AHVB in my cable against his sent. He blocks. At the last minute I move the beam up over sentinel, he snapbacks, land, tk AHVB to kill his sent. LOL

I dont even care that I ended up loing that match


this thread is dead?


It’s dead because of people like you that don’t wanna join the Mvc2 Community Group on Facebook!! You’re probably one of the last ones still hasn’t joined.


every thread on srk is pretty much dead. All my local theads are dead, I just come on here to look at the frontpage pretty much. lol kind of sad but oh well.


everyone who posted in this thread should really join the fb group :frowning: we try to get online tourneys goin on there. I understand if yall dont care for fb but shit…no one wants to come on this site anymore



hey @Preppy, how do you archive threads? Id love to have this and the xbl good games thread to read, theyre classics lol


I don’t know.

I feel like Facebook is terribad for long-term organization and value, since searching isn’t going to find shit. :\


yeah :frowning: fb isnt the best


fuck facebook


since you guys dont like fb

hope guys like @yuu_mei @da_dragon join up there


who wants it on PSN??? LMK and ill try to be on tonight (if I get a reply)

What’s good for evo? also does anyone know what happened to the xbox thread? I can’t seem to find it. Some one link me please

Until then, peace out:


LOL! Dont tell me this place is in Socal :lol:
Looks familiar


Just made a srk account my username is same as my PSN ID… im open to ALL Mvc2 challenges i put my heart on it im better than over 50% of the mvc2 community players… Scream at me