Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)



dang, even caught him on his other account


@ Hardy LMAO OH BOY you have no idea what a joke you are in the Facebook Mvc2 Community Group XD


I miss ps3 funny…
Xbox has funny too…

How can someone complain about me spaming when they’re using MSP? Lol


Kazz just got trolled hard. I was practicing on stick so I was like 0-10 against him and few others. I left and came back after switching back to pad and I “ocvd” him making him rage quit. This is even with him waiting for me to pick. What a scrub.


LMFAO i love you


jeezus, Steimers1 just received the ass kicking of a lifetime. Felt like jwong possessed me. That was the best button mashing I ever did tho


I just lost to someones SANTHRAX then he quit when my last char. had little
life left, since he didnt see the point to finish.

There needs to be a name for that;
like mercyquit, Pwn3dquit.noobquit.

LoL-any Ideas?


Why r u still the only one posting here? How sad


this thread is history. should be archived somehow :frowning:


where u all post now any word on evo ?


its been posted many times in this thread



ALso on but more active on Facebook!


MvC2 Network could use more people.


kazz has a lag switch


ggs assmode, karatechop, charliegoblyn, Darklaws, and others i’ve played against. keep that ass whoopin coming, my ironman is ready to make that comeback =]


Always nice sets. GGs man.



havent play karatechop in a while… WHere u at Boy!?