Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)






He won 50 bucks and gas money


ggs locd0wn87 good way to capitalize on openings and punishing mistakes! Very tough player, i think it was 20-27(locd0wn87 won) ggs…




Sup bro


Seems like theres more lag nonsense on PS3 than ever before…
lol oh well…


add me if any1 reads this
psn: cartr1dgebased


My Thrax/Matrix are the best hands down. Well almost the best… ^^’’


Hi, if anyone wants to trade mvc2 online on psn for a few capcom fighters, Pm me or post in this thread, if theres a different thread I need to post this in, put that in here to please.


Pm me for psn username.


if anybody wants to play tonight around 10EST I’ll be on… I play mostly low tier but I can break out a weak combofiend if you wanna play high tier. PSN: houndiest


so… now im back on psn who trying to get some matches in with me…seeing as im just sooooooooooo free!! lol anyone wanna body a noob like me ? add me up CyberTrinity


Aye my PSN name is SargeSparta. I am not fantastic but if you wanna play a friendly game HMU.


I miss this thread, damn


Who still plays this on PS3?
I been on Xbox for a while


Lets bring this back


Fuuuuuuck Nooooo! ^^^^


My PSN is St3v3n092, and I have MvC2. I’m a scrub, but I’m down to play it.


Ok, does ANYONE have this game for PS3 that’s willing to share accounts? I’ve been wanting to play this online for the longest time but I don’t got a 360 anymore and they literally stopped selling it the second I got enough money to buy it. I was at checkout and it blocked me from completing the purchase. It was a sad day.