Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament: 3rd Impact


[LEFT]EVO2k12 is around the block. I am still unsure if I can make it or not. But, for those who are going to EVO2k12 and needs to warm up. Sign up for the tournament. This is my 3rd Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Time Zone:[/LEFT]
[]Double Elimination
]FT 3
[]Semi Final FT 5
]Grand Final FT 7
[]Winners keep the same team. Losers may change the team. You may not change the order of your characters if you win.
]Juggy Glitched is allowed.
[]Timer Set to 99
]Speed: Default
Starts June 11


Time: Eastern


**:nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck: **

Time: Central


It’s single because of the time that is given of June till July.


PSN: rgacsc
Time: Pacific

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)

Lets get more players!


TIME: Pacific

Make it double elimination and if don’t get there games in within 3 or so days elimate there ass


time: pacific

sorry for the lag lately people. two of my brother have their own xbox and they’re always on MW3 plus 3 other wireless device. good thing they;re leaving for the summer before the tourny starts so my connection should be good again.


Better be. Screwing me up a lot lately! >=O



YOU were that Tree fitty guy that was in the room with me the other day? I remember seeing that name before just didn’t know it was you. What happened to your old Krazy334 account?


o I use krazzy334 for shooting games now and tree_fitty_ for mvc2 and other stuff


hahahah you better be lucky I was laggy or I wouldn’t fall for nj.dash + psylock assist


You can block it. It’s your lag. NOT mine. If anything, I should not fall for your gimmick fierce.


ill play if i have a ps3 when it starts =(


Okay. Not a problem.


moving in a couple days. Once I go the net running im in :slight_smile:


Provide your username.


ive been playing on sm00thxassassin lately so yeah


so is it single elimination or double? cuz it sais double on the first post.


Changed it to double. I’ll just eliminate the players if they are not participating or not putting effort. I modified the thread