Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament Edition Fight Stick

Going to Comic-Con, gonna see if I can get my stick signed. Anyone know who did the artwork?

Bengus did the older ones from 10 years ago, and UDON’s Joe Vriens and John Daimonon did the new ones.Will either of them be there?

I’m looking for the one that did the MvC2 sitck

This is completely on a whim. Not trying to sell it just realized it and thought it’d be cool if I could get some sigs on it. Maybe get S-kill on there. Gloss it over and buy a tek aryclyic cover. I enjoy my stick. =) If it’s those dudes, hope they are there…

WTF is a Marvel vs Capcom 2…WTF drew that horrible design…and What in the BLUE hell is a Fight Stick?
Do you box with them?

Why does Wolverine have a shit load of extra abdomen muscles?

…actually, he’s anatomically correct. Those abs are there…lol. I count six.

i think it’s funny a mvc2 stick is in the japanese ball style versus what a mvc2 player would typically use. a fucking MAS, like a real man.


JOe Vriens and John Daimonon it is sir

Why does Iron Man have the same abs as wolverine. And why do they look like starving Ethiopians.

Well… what’s that ring around his abs?

You don’t bring a lolipop to a fight you bring a bat.