Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament

[LEFT]Last time I hosted a Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament and it turned out to be an awesome event. An event that increases player’s skills to a whole new level. Learning match-up, executions, mechanics, and many more. It’s 2012, and Final Round XV is just around the block. I know a few players from XBL and PSN are showing up at Final Round XV (including myself). Also, we can’t forget about EVO2K12. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Last time that I did a Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament. I gave out amazing prizes. But, this year. There will be no prizes because I am saving them up for Street Fighter x Tekken to give out and some few DLC later on for the game for those who are actually willing to play and learn the game. Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3) was a huge turned down and the prizes that I gave away didn’t last more than a year before CAPCOM slapped me in the face. But, I don’t care since all games were free except the shipping of course.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]This tournament will be for US/Canada only to have a good connection among ourselves. Although, Mexico’s connection isn’t bad as most players consider it. However, it’s best to keep it within ranges for this tournament.[/LEFT]
Time Zone:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]E-mail: E-mail me at with a title saying “MvC2 Tournament” and provide me your info. Do not start a PM with me because the PM in this forum’s software is TERRIBLE and it annoys me. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ping: Provide a screenshot of your ping (Not your own server). An example would be. If you’re on the East Coast. Test the West Coast to see where you’re standing.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Regulations: [/LEFT]
[LEFT]All matches will be done in FT3.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Double Elimination[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Characters Lock & Assists Lock: You can ONLY change them if you lose.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Semi-Final: FT7[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Grand Final: FT10[/LEFT]
[LEFT]PSN: Imashbuddenz[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Time Zone: East Coast[/LEFT]



sounds like fun. Havent played in awhile but i ll do my best.

[LEFT]You know me, add me to this!![/LEFT]
[LEFT]QUESTION: When is deadline to sign up?? Just so that everyone will know!!![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Time Zone: Central/Texas[/LEFT]

I’ll have the deadline January 28th.

Pacific west

Following Username:

1: Imashbuddenz
2: Teiiy
3: Tio_Cruzito
4: Ez-the-champino
5: Ricky504


Tio’s internet is pretty bad if his pingtest is 150 mi away and his pingtest is like the same as everyone else that is testing 1500+ mi away.

PSN: UYG_EricGGMusic
TimeZone: East Coast Toronto
You know how to find me

@ Eric

I think Tio’s ping is fine, just as long as he’s not over 100ping. If it’s a concern I’m sure Tio wouldn’t mind testing it again.


You misspelled my name!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The ping is fine, because the server hes testing at is only 150 miles away, where as everyone else is testing on servers 1500 miles away. there’s a difference. Test your ping on the server closest to you, and then test one from the opposite coast, you’ll see the difference. Clearly mystic wanted us to test it like this so it’ll be able to show if NY and Cali can play without lag.

Yeah, it does make a difference you can see.

I’m getting like 45/2 from North Carolina to Dallas, and 94/3 from NC to San Fran.

Haven’t decided if I’ll get in on this. If I do, of course I’ll post my screenshot.

I can play with anyone with a 150MS if you’re wired. If you’re playing wireless. Expect lag and input delayed.

[LEFT]Email: [/LEFT]

[LEFT]MY internet sucks [/LEFT]

Good shit. Good Shit.

More people. Lets get this OFF the chain.

sure why not

PSN: NickGuy032008

PSN: NothingBlue
Zone: East coast

Hey yo, it’s me, it’s me, it’s RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanted to say…

It’s been a min huh fellas? Well Im back now to once again bang with y’all on the real shit MVC2!!! Yo GFB you already know I’m down for this tourny my dude so here’s the infofofo…

Gamer Tag: VDO101
Midwest: Detroit Michigan (That’s right!!)

Let’s go fellas!!

Hey yo, it’s me, it’s me, it’s PSNK (PSN Killa) Roundhouse here, just wanted to say…

I’m winning it.

Tag: Mvc2-Roundhouse
Location: West Coast/CA (That’s right!!!)

Let’s go fellas!!

Hey what the??? My shit is copy written man!! Thems fightin words!! On guard!! I challenge thee to a 1st to 5!

Oh shit. VDO vs RH. Lets get this shit started!