Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament

Ft5 whenever you on VDO!!!

Psn :Codigox2
Time Zone: Central time Zone

Veremos que pasa !!!

I think we’re not allowing mexico and your email is kind of a dead giveaway

Psn :Codigox2
Time Zone: Central time Zone

No Mexico , sad =(

I’ll be doing a US/Canada/Mexico tournament after this one to see how it does.

Like Wolverine told Cyclops ass in the cartoon…“Anytiiiime pretty boyee!!”

WTF!! Why can’t we do Mexico if Codigo wants in??? If it’s the lag excuse the same would apply for canada, no difference. No offense to anyone here but I think there’s more Mexican players that play Marvel then Canadian players!! Don’t like this idea GFB about you planning this for the “Next One”!! Why not do this US/Canada/Mex tourney NOW instead of “next time”!! PLus, the more people join in the better…Just my 2 cents here!!

LOL Everybody knows that Mexico internet + MvC2 Online = Not a good experience for everyone else

at least give them a pingtest chance =D

i am with GFB on not letting codigo participate

[details=Spoiler]jk codigo, you can participate…if


someone knocks you out first round[/details]

[SIZE=4]why not? XD[/SIZE]

Still no difference Erik. Mexico still has 10 times more marvel players then Canadians and I think we all know that. I’m sure that out of all of us, your probably the one that will have the biggest lag with Mex players but not all of us here in the US. I say GFB should give it some consideration not to mention that the “next tourney” wont be till a very long time I’m sure.

In that case, I won’t enter, and Codigo may play, if Mystic lets Mexico in.

I don’t care if a country has more players, if you can’t even play at least half of them on an equal playing field without a lot of lag. Mexico to New York is probably at least 150+ ping, 150 if you’re lucky.

Put me up against him since I have like the worst connection and I live close to Mexico

It’s true that México’s internet is not exactly as good as… I don’t know, Fios or something like that, the best we can achieve is 10mb download and 1mb upload (which I have) and that’s for now. I don’t know Codigo’s connection, but I offer him to come to my place (we live in the same city) and play the tournament using my connection, because I don’t have lag problems with anyone, not even in UMVC3.

Funny, you didn’t back out from the tournament last time GFB made an exception with Italiano when he wanted in claiming he was from the US/Mex border…You should stay bro.

I was the one that hosted that, not him.

Just wanna pop in and say you have good rules. People try that 2/3 ish for tourneys in the fast paced game of Marvel, and its just unfair really.

I agree with Erik

Codigo. Please test Canada’s connection using and couple of US’s server to indicate your ping. If you have at least a ping under 140ms with 2 server’s in US (East and West Coast) and Canada. Then, I see no problem. But, please make sure you guys are playing wired connection.