Marvel vs Capcom 2 Wallpaper

alright i did a search on it at yahoo, google, and alta vistas and ive looked for the past 2 hours for MvC2 wallpaper. Cause im a big man. The closest ive got into mvc2 wallpapers (which, there are very few) is having a big picture with like all 50something characters. That wouldn’t be a good wallpaper cause then you couldn’t see your icons. maybe something simple would be better. For example : getting an actually gameplay screenshot, lets say sentinel’s doing the drones special. and getting that out (outlining him and him only), cyclops (outling him only again) would be on the top-left corner doing his DF+2K special aiming it diagonally, and the wallpaper backround would be black. and maybe a little MvC2 logo on the bottom-left corner… that’d be great wouldn’t it?

so im curious if you guys know of any sites, or if you would make one. A lot of us marvel players here would surely use it :slight_smile: I’d do it, but the only program i know how to use is MSPaint & PaintshopPro, 2 very amateur programs. I am using this!!

poopy looking

heh in my opinion that one isn’t too great :frowning:

My wallpaper is Siegfried Schtauffen in a cloak holding his zweihander over his shoulder. In the background are trebuchets. I prefer it to the magneto one that was posted.