Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Will be on DC at NWM


Since the current consensus is that Marvel is not tournament ready on X-Box 360, Marvel will be on DC for this year. If you are planning to come play Marvel, be sure to bring a DC Mas stick, a converter, or whatever stick you feel more comfortable with using. :tup:


But what about PS3?!?!?!

In all seriousness though, maybe DC for now? I don’t think many people have MAS sticks for the 360 version yet, while there’s decent number of sticks for the DC still laying around.


For that reason, I think the DC would be the better bet. At least this year. I mean, I don’t play the shit, so it wouldn’t make a difference on my end, but for the sake of ease of use, DC this year until everyone can catch up with their stick-stock.


Ima go 360. Ppl had time to order sticks/remod their old mas’s since marvel’s announcement back in april. And it was known @ evo that this year was the last year for dc mvc2. While it seems that there are enough sticks/dc’s, are there really enough? How many setups does marvel have twelve? So we’d need 12 dc’s and at least 18-20 sticks (if it’s on dc I will be borrowing someone’s stick). Just me two cents.


The bugs are enough to make the game quite a different game, and not as good as the real thing. Dc seems a better idea for now. Hopefully the glitches/problems will get fixed at some point.

Also I’m not sure how playing on DC alienates anyone. . . ?

Alienates ppl with sticks for 360?. . . ppl that will be more used to the 360 version? . . . ppl that cant stand the shining beauty and awe of mvc2 in it’s original form?


Yeah, the PS3 might be more interesting because of the sprite slowdown that occurs even in offline mode on the 360.

Assist + dash + something else == lag sometimes.


You know what…FUK THIS X-BOX/PS3 version. SHIT tweeks out/lags too much, WAY too much…this is a good time to say…




I would prefer to go with DC over PS3. To my knowledge, more people who want to play Marvel have DC sticks. If we switch Marvel to PS3, then it would probably be best to switch Blaz Blue to PS3 also, since there have been a number of requests for that. That would create a really annoying situation of console switching and extra consoles lying around, but we could still make it work.

Right now the vote is split. It seems pretty apparent that 360 is not going to work. I am going to make a decision by tonight, so if you have a really strong opinion on this, or you really think PS3 would work, post up, especially if you have Marvel on PS3 and are willing to bring it.

Thanks guys. :tup:


PS3 Marvel might work out if there’s a slew of PS2-PS3 converters hanging around (or DC-PS2-PS3 even). DC is probably the best option though, since that guarantees best conditions for the game as we still don’t know how many bugs are in the PS3 version.


I am hella stunned that the poll results are this close. Wow.


I’m pretty sure the tournament is not worth entering if it was played on Xbox 360. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very fun game, but if I lost a tournament match to an unblockable AHVB, I’d throw the stick through the television.

[16:40] Rairu81: how can you even tell if they are good playin that janky ass version


Umm please dont.

PS3 Marvel/BB would alienate FAAAR more people than DC Marvel would. Look at the fiasco that was Evo for the NW. People have plenty of MAS sticks for DC Marvel. Besides PS3 Marvel isn’t much better in terms of bugs from what I’ve read, I think only some of the random slowdowns are gone? AFAIK the 0 frame “unblockables” still exist.


Marvel will be on DC for the tournament. If you are planning to come play Marvel, be sure to bring a DC Mas stick, a converter, or whatever stick you feel more comfortable with using. :tup:


I voted dreamcast. Even as a person whose never played marvel seriously I know you can’t have a tournament match with glitchy unblockables and random slowdowns…if it runs better on older hardware then just use that for now. I’m pretty sure most of the marvel scene has been used to dreamcast marvel anyways so sticks and hardware shouldnt be too hard to come by.


I was about to give my opinion, but realized that 1. not being a Marvel player, means I know nothing of what is “good” and “bad”. 2. Having not entered the tournament, I shouldn’t have any say in what is to be used during the tournament. And 3. I’d say the votes that count should be the people who have entered the tournament. :smiley:

I’m down to watch some sick ass MAHvil.


I voted Dreamcast. There’s still too much weirdness in the new version. Although admittedly I am going to be all out of whack since I’ve only been playing the new version. Doh!


Trust me Zach, you won’t be. I had a session at Evan Wenzelsaurus’s’s’s the other day, and it was like the difference between watching a TV show on an antenna to watching in HD - way more crisp and clean. One, two games tops to reacclimate yourself.


HD all the way :wink: