.::Marvel..Vs..Capcom::. 2

Yep its officialy official it will be relesead this summer for. im still in amazment that its that game, but im sure it will be well worth the wait. im assuming that the mvc chrachter section should blow up like sf4s also. only 1 problem i and and alot of other xboxlive gamers have.if playstaion gets there demo this week then when do we. o well anyway im glad that 1 of the very best fighting games is returning, and with online play.YESSS.:rock:

I like how they are HD ing it up. Comparing the visuals from classic dc to the new crisp looking screen shots it looks pretty awesome. Hopefully the game play isn’t hindered too much by lag. I mean i know it’s going to be but I’m just hoping that it isn’t by much.

:wonder: Already a thread for it here… dood!