Marvel vs Capcom 2

First, I want to apologize to those on this forum who may think this is a stupid post… I’m sorry, please forgive me, I know not what I do… ok, now that we have that behind us…

What is the deal with the MvC2 game I’m seeing… I understand its just a remake with slightly better graphics, but is this the best they can offer? I was really looking forward to a SF4 type of remake but I guess I’ll have to wait… My question is this… Does Capcom have any intentions of making MvC2 in the style of SF4?

Are there any other next gen fighting games coming out from Capcom?

There’s half dozen threads about this game here already. And no, they’re not redoing the arcade graphics, you just have an option to apply a smoothing filter to make it look less oldschool. It’s hilarious and looks insanely confusing when you watch someone play it. That’s the appeal I guess.

Yeah, I’ve been digging around the capcom boards looking for something… I wanted to ask you guys since I consider you in the know but I apologize for reposting… That wasn’t my intention. I guess we can only hope for a new release of MvC

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Marvel vs Capcom 2

I heard there’s gonna be a movie based on this game where all the characters are played by Tom Hanks.


Chuck Norris should be in the game. He wouldn’t need a team.

I heard under that beard instead of a chin

chuck norris only has another fist

The beard alone will flatten MSP… no contest :nunchuck:

Who would Eddie Murphy use in Marvel vs Capcom 2?

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team scrub

Team DMP
Donkey, Mushu and Prince Akeem

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EDIT 2: Wait, Martin Luther The King?! Like a MLK/Elvis hybrid? Sounds way broken.

It’d be the three guys from the barber shop that talk about Frank Sinatra and Martin Luther The King, with Jewish-Guy Murphy assist.

The real question is, who would Bob Sagat use?

By the way, Bob Sagat graduated from my High School.

2005 called, they want their joke back.

No I didn’t. If you’re talking about Bob SagEt, that no talent imitator, he’d use team JJD. Joey, Jesse, Danny.

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