MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 - An end to all ends

When asked at San Diego Comic Con 08 if a new Marvel vs. Capcom game was a distinct possibility, Marvel Studios’ President of Production, Kevin Feige, slyly answered, “Yes. And maybe sooner than you think.”

This seems like big news especially with TvC coming out and all these games coming out. the only problem is that the game is being made by marvel studios.


I dunno if this is a joke or not, but this is literally the 8th thread on this shit.

I mean look at the sticky.

Expect this to get closed/neg rep.

Dear god.

Beaten to the punch by Hisham.

oh come on!


but this was recently said at comic-con 2008. I did not know there was another thread. This news is as new as it comes. Before it was speculation and rumor,but there are direct quotes saying that the game is closer than we think. close this thread if you want, but this seems more legit than what kotaku was saying before.

I do not envy SK lately.

There have been many threads saying the exact same thing said about MvC series at SDCC…so I’m not gonna hold my tounge until I see OFFICAL announcement, and other goodies.

Even the date of the article you linked is this past Friday…you think NO ONE would’ve made a thread about that tease?

I don’t care if someone makes a 300 reference, but this is seriously fucking madness.
I say we start a community pool where if FGD gets to 10 MvC3 speculation threads saying the EXACT same thing regardless of the huge neon sign of a sticky on it, the 10th topic poster has to kill Kevin Feige.

P.S i totally missed the sticky about mvc3, i am really blind and just got excited, so i say cloe this thread if you would like.

This… is… some shit you totally saw coming!!!

omg die plz thx