Marvel vs Capcom 3 Annouced at EVO 09

Syke!!! My bad though i coulda swore i heard it. right before the SF4 finals started. They should come out with it though. part 2 has been out for 8 years and people are still playing it. Thats gotta say something. Oh well guess we’re gonna have to settle for the Mugen version




Ah, finally the MvC3 fake news thread arrives!

Now FGD’s stupid threads come to a complete circle.

They tried to get ignition to announce CvS3 but they couldn’t be reached. :lol:

Don’t worry, this thread will be gone quick.

So not true…drop dead, 09’er.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Relax. My bad i could swore me and my friends heard it

You niggas got too much ear wax in your heads.

I could swore you were an idiot.

MvC3 has been out in El Salvador for ages now, get with the times people!

yea i went there actually, my main team was Sephiroth/Dante/Gundam Wing Zero.

You need to start taking your meds, fam.

someone neg this guy. :tdown:

get the hell outta here mugen you can kiss my as*

at least change the thread’s title to Delete Plz or something
sae yourself bad rep and probably an infraction

You cant joke when it comes to Marvel related stuff
its a bannable offense IMO :rofl:

what a queer