Marvel vs Capcom 3 Arcade Stick

Whomever gets the license to do this…I’d like to see an iL or Happ competition stick with either Sanwas or Happ competitions. WOuld love some of the new artwork being shown for the game slapped all over it with an acrylic top. All done in a nostalgic 80’s-90’s arcade throwback design but still feeling and looking current. Please Hori, Madcatz or whoever…do this one right.

Here’s hoping the Madcatz one released to coincide with MvC2’s re-release isn’ t all they’re going to do. I wondered why the artwork only said Marvel vs Capcom.

Please SEGA!



ditto, huh?

Chances of this happening… slim to nil. As much as I’d like to see it, with the MvC2 stick they showed they’re not willing to make an American stick.

A choice of sticks would be nice.

You’d have the Marvel vs Capcom 3 TE-S complete with all Sanwa parts


the Marvel vs Capcom 3…let’s call it the TE-US for now - complete with Happ/iL parts, obviously much taller than the TE-S to accommodate the buttons/stick being so damn huge.

Everyone wins.

Best bet: make your own (what I ended up doing for MvC2). No way they mass produce a Happ based stick.

Still, one can dream. Or commission a few custom stick builders to bake a small run of them

MvC3 hasn’t even been presented yet. how do we know it’s going to be best with Happ/iL?

Besides, Happ/iL is dead. long live sanwa.

(mostly dead atleast).

hey spenzallii, just think that i said that quote and i’m commissioning you to build, i know you can :smiley:

Do you make customs? If so, do you have a link to some work?

I made a one-off for a friend of mine, but I can’t say I do customs per se. I don’t have the tools to build my own case, so I got one elsewhere. My art skills are nil, so I had to commission some art as well. But I did have to finish the case and wire everything up

Trust me, there are others that can do it better and quicker than I did…

Nice! That’s a dual wireless beast.

I don’t even like Happ parts but I would buy a MvC3 Happ TE

Mad Catz MvC3 fightstick TE Octo-Bat or standard edition could work.

At this point if MadCatz made their own P360 or Competition clone, it would likely be better than what Happ has to offer. Happ has made themselves irrelevant in just the last few years.

Yeah but iL is still making the exact same parts that HAPP used to make. iL buttons and sticks are just as good as the old school stuff.

If only iL would start making opticals…

Except for anyone who tries to sell it.