Marvel vs Capcom 3 Character Balance Survey

Good day, SRK Forums. After surfing a little bit on the AE boards, I came across a thread for a survey about AE’s character balance. In a nutshell, it asked everyone which characters should be buffed or nerfed in the upcoming patch. I thought it’d be interesting to see the same survey for Marvel, so here it is.

Follow this link to the survey, fill in your team and show me your ideas about how Marvel should be balanced.

If I’m not mistaken, this link should send you to the results. Of course, there’s nothing there yet. If you answer the survey you should also be redirected to the results.

I couldn’t find a function for this in Google Docs, but please **vote only once! **Thank you for your time!

I think this is a great idea

I did it.

Oh I love this! I’m gonna link it on other forums.

I filled it out, and it’s neat, but what keeps someone from spamming?

This is really interesting, I must say.

I was surprised when I looked and saw that people agreed with me in saying Amaterasu is a perfectly balanced character.

very good idea. maybe i should have went anonymous now everybody is gonna see what characters generally body me :lol:

ammy perfectly balanced? wow

I was going to say Deadpool, but I think Amaterasu probably fit things better. I feel like she’s the perfect example of a good character that’s just really solid all around but not over the top in any sense. She can rush, she can zone, has a lot of options but not a lot of health, requires effort, etc etc.

It’s definitely up for debate but that’s how I feel.

ok who is trolling with “Hsien ko = Major Nerfs” :rofl: and Thor does not need “Major Buffs” to be competitive nigga’s is just lazy and mad they actually have to think when playing with him :bluu:

Aaaaand done!

:lol: @ the single person that feels Wolverine needs some small buffs.

The idea is good, but I’m afraid it isn’t really viable due to the fact that this survey has a weak spot for spamming/trolling, other than that I like it :tup:

I totally want to troll this one up… Its so tempting :lol:

I think Doom is the most balanced character in the game.

Edit: Yeah I dont think anyone needs major buffs, only minor.

That was me. I put that because a character who is too good never just gets small buffs when Capcom is the one doing the balancing. That isn’t the craziest thing I put. I put major buffs for Sent and C.Viper. I just want them to be beasts.Viper almost is already.

Not even Hisen Ko?

She has the Gold assist :razzy:

Completely agree Thor is still my main has been since day one. However I would still Love to Throw my Odin Damned hammer.

Edited to add. Anyone who really does not know the true power of thor should definitely pick up fear itself number 5. Thor is just So boss in this book.

True, however I can view all of the results and delete the ones that are trollish. For instance, a certain Felicia/Felicia/Akuma player got their asses kicked out, and KTC_UK thought he needed three votes. Of course the data isn’t gonna be 100%, but if there’s one troll for every 20 legit posters then I can live with it.

Arthur,morrigan, shuma needs major nerfs?

phoenix, Magneto, WOLVERINE major buffs?
funny guy, but its hilarious to see at least.

any who overall i’d agree here.

i was tempted to put Doom as the most balanced as well but then i remembered his LOL corner damage and so i switched to Spencer who i truly feel is the most balanced character in the game

edit: Zero/Wesker/Dante/Magneto/Wolverine/Taskmaster/She-Hulk perfectly balanced?? lol the trolls are in full force today

I’m currently looking over all the data and yes there are some trolls (for instance, daigo thought Phoenix was perfectly balanced and needed major buffs, along with Wolverine and Magneto while nerfing Hsien-ko), but some are just… choices. Also, nobody wants to see their main get nerfs, I see a LOT of biased votes.

Also, the one guy who wants major nerfs for Hsien-ko is a Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma player. Guess the game wasn’t easy enough for him…