Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC issue


I’ve recently bought the game Marvel vs Capcom 3 for Playstation 3 and I’m absolutely loving it! I also decided to get some of the available DLC for the game from Playstation Store. I bought both Jill and Shuma-Gorath DLC characters, as well as downloaded the free Shadow Mode, but it doesn’t seem to work properly for me. It says I successfully downloaded and installed the content, but when I start the game afterwards I still don’t have the DLC that I downloaded & installed. When I get to the main menu the game pauses for a few seconds while it’s “checking for downloadable content”, and once that is done it says that there’s some new DLC available (Shadow Mode), even though I have already installed it. Also my two additional characters that I bought don’t appear in the game.
My PS3 is brand new, it’s a PS3 Slim 320GB. I have tried to re-download and reinstall the DLC several times, as well as reinstall and delete the savedata from the game istelf. This concerns me since I just spent a lot of money on this game and I would like it to work properly. Any ideas of what might be causing this issue would be deeply appreciated.


Go to Capcom-Unity, register an account and post your details here.



Thank you for your reply!

That post is pretty much for people whos special edition code is not working (there’s a lot of them from what I’ve seen so far), but I will take your advice and post my issue there anyways. :slight_smile:
The funny thing about this is that I seem to be the only one who has this issue. No matter how much I search I can’t seem to find anyone who has the same problem… Really strange to be honest. I’ve also sent a personal e-mail to Capcom, though I highly doubt that will fix anything.


What region is you copy and from which region’s PS Store did you get the DLC from?


Hmm, I think you just found the answer to this… How stupid of me to not have thought of this as a reason before.

I live in Sweden and my PS3 is bought here. I also purchase products from the European PS Store.
HOWEVER, I bought this game while I was on vacation in the US about 3 weeks ago. I’m presuming that has something to do with the issue.
I still have no idea what to do about it, I mean I already spent $10 on the characters from the EU PS Store which I can’t even use…
Further help will be deeply appreciated.


If it’s a US copy of the game you’ll need a North American PSN account on your PS3 and buy/download the DLC from the US PlayStation Store.

PS3 is region free with the games, but the DLC isn’t. NA Game = NA DLC, EU Game = EU DLC.

Hope that helps.


Ah damn it, I didn’t know that =/ Had no idea that European DLC is not compatible with a NA game. I thought it was included in the “region free” games…
Is it possible for me to make a North American account on my playstation and get the DLC for my game somehow?


that sucks that the dlc isn’t region free. I can see how you wanted to buy MvC3 on vacation here…since it dropped here first.


Yeah it was also cheaper, almost half price, compared to here in Sweden. Too bad that doesn’t matter much anymore now that I can’t get my DLC :frowning:


Yeah, just create a new PSN account on your PS3. You’ll need to enter your billing address as some address in the US. The hardest part is getting foreign PSN cards if your credit card doesn’t work.


This is why I have unused free DLC codes* (part of Capcom’s mod package for being a mod at Unity). Because I also have an Asian copy which is what I play on. Off course, this does mean that I don’t have to unseal the SE, which now sits safely in my “collectors cabinet.”

*No! You are NOT getting them from me.


I just made a North American account on my Playstation now and downloaded the free “Shadow Mode” DLC, and it worked. So that confirms the problem I guess.
Still sucks though. I’ve researched and it doesn’t say ANYWHERE that the DLC is not region free for this game. I’ve done this before (purchased a ps3 game on vacation, then played it back home and downloaded DLC for it etc), so I still don’t get why it shouldn’t work with Marvel vs Capcom 3. Oh well, I’ll have to live without my DLC characters I guess. Thanks for you assistance on the issue everyone =)


DLC not being region free is par for the course for most games on PS3. In fact there’s a warning in the fine print in the download confirmation window when you try to download from PSN.