Marvel VS Capcom 3, for xbox360 or ps3?



I want to get MvsC3, but i don’t know on what console I should get it…

I own both a ps3 and a xbox360.
So what do you guys recommend? I know the’re more players on xbox360, but is that really worth it go get another year of xbox live?

And how big is the difference between the number of players on ps3 and xbox360?



if you talkin about hardcore competition get it for xbox. if you just a casual go ps3.


Not enough system war topics on the interweb, and GF was full.




This. If you have both consoles, get for both.


Get both mang and do like me. Play one team xbox 360, then play a different team for the ps 3


Ignoring factors unrelated to the game itself (Live vs PSN, size of respective communities, tournament usage, etc.), are there any known differences between the two versions? That actually would be nice to know.


Out of interest why? I played SF4 on both, yet found generally better players on the PS3, so only ordered MVC3 on the PS3. Will convert my stick to 360 aswell if its better on there.


the way i have noticed:

360: more players, more rage quitters, more competition.
PS3: less players, less rage quitters, less competition.


honestly having both consoles i find that xbox generally has better players and less lag so the ps3 became my singleplayer console lol.


Depends on the game. I find better comp for BlazBlue on PS3 but better comp for SSF4 on Xbox. PS3 I usually run into worse connections because of all the people who use WiFi but Xbox tends to have more rage quitters like you said (all that rage practice from Halo). Xbox definitely has more people online I think.

As far as the actual game performance, all I know is that Xbox can upscale the 720p game to 1080 by itself while the PS3 relies on the game software and your TV. Usually Xbox wins but since this game isn’t exactly GT5 you probably won’t notice much unless you have a huge TV (50+).

Best suggestion would be to find out what your local comp uses since that’s the best way to get better. Some areas just happen to use a certain system more often. If you want to compete and go Xbox, you’re going to need a dual mod stick or two sticks since the majors use PS3.

I wish MadCatz would stop fishing for worthless system logos and just make and sell a dual mod stick.


If I had a dual mod arcade stick I would get it for both, for now imma stick with ps3. SF4 was fine on it and i’m sure MvC3 will be too.



Make up your own mind. Very few people have legit copies yet.

Arguably this topic would have been less bad if it had a poll at the very least.