*Marvel vs Capcom 3 Gamestop Midnight Event*-Cleveland, Ohio (02-14-11)


Marvel vs Capcom 3 Gamestop Midnight Event

Gamestop University Hts Oh - Google Maps

This a friendly get together at the Gamestop in University Hts. to celebrate the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3!

An event was held for Super Street Fighter 4 last year it went really well, a prize was given away to the winner and everyone had a good time. So I’m trying to get a little more exposure by posting here.

Event starts at 6:00pm February 14th, so people can get their hands on the game before the midnight sale.
No entry fee is needed, this just for fun! Even if you don’t have the game reserved with us, but just wanna play that’s fine, come on through.
We will be playing on the 360 using standard controllers.
Then during the midnight sale we’re just going to have a free play.

[]Best 2 out of 3
]99 time limit
[]Best 3 out of 5 for the final
]You can change teams

Winner will receive a custom made hoodie with the Marvel vs Capcom 3 logo on the front.

If you plan on coming or if you have any questions please send me a e-mail at
See you all on the 14th.


Sounds too Legit.


I wish my local GS had a double agent fighting game player. Dudes are so not interested in anything not gears of war.