Marvel vs. Capcom 3 NA box art/ No official Fightstick?

They really need to change it to the Shinkiro art. IMO all the box arts look like trash, even the Japanese box art. BTW we’re not getting any Fightsticks? I could’ve sworn S-Kill mentioned it back in E3.

Just use a photoprinter and print your own art.

At least the collector’s edition has Shinkiro’s art (on the inside of the case :rofl: ).

Can’t say I ever worried about what a game’s box cover would look like, not when I have tons of art in my HDD that I could print and fashion into box covers at Kinkos. Even then I’d still be more concerned of the actual game.

Haven’t heard anything about new fight stick art. Would it be much different from the last arcade stick anyway?

Get the special edition anyway, its a better deal.

How so?

Comes with codes for the first two DLC characters. That will take most if not all of the extra 10$ of the price. Plus you get better boxart, a month of marvel comics online, and a MvC3 comic.

I’m surprised a MvC 3 TE hasn’t been announced. I know it would sell! :slight_smile:

i say if it doesn’t come out sametime has the game does give it couple months like mvc2 stick was.

Why wouldn’t you just wait a few weeks and save the $10? Unless you really really wanted one month of Marvel Comics.

Uh, wut?

because the characters are going to cost 10 dollars anyways, and then you don’t get any of the other bonus material. If you plan on getting the characters not getting the collectors is literally a waste of money.

I was under the impression that Jill and Shuma would be free. Never actually crossed my mind that I might need to pay for them at some point. Will I still need to pay for them after a couple of weeks or so?

Yes. Unless Capcom starts releasing characters for free, which I doubt will ever happen.

You mean like how SF4 costumes become free after a week? If so, then yes.