Marvel vs. Capcom 3 only has 8 levels?


I know that the twitter leak dealie isnt to be taken seriously, but have they only shown 8 yet? That seems really lame. Figured there be at least 15 or so considering theres what, almost 30 characters at launch, not counting DLC? Maybe more levels for DLC later? Not that I care about backgrounds, since when your in the match, you dont really have time to stop and smell the roses anyway, but Id really hope theres more. Can anyone clear this up?




There’s never been anywhere close to 15 levels in the VS series.

Just wait for more official updates before jumping to conclusions.


I think those bastards only use 542 colors, FUCKING CRAPCOM!

I only posted to give you props on that amazing sig of yours lol


another thread needing the lock


we’ll have to wait & see,eh?!


if danger room isnt in this game it will be a FAIL


Yet you’ll buy the game anyway…





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