Marvel vs Capcom 3 @ Portugal: Impressions *DAY 2*

Who do you see as a strong character in the game?

Did you tell Capcom that Thor feels bad so they can do stuff to him?

Is Hulk 100% combo still in?

Thanks for the write-up, especially the Dormammu/Wesker stuff. :tup:

How was Wesker’s health? Does he take much damage?

Trish looks quite strong. Doom too.

Did not Check For Hulk’s 100%

I was not talking to capcom, it was a press building and we were playing with friends.

Wesker’s health seemed average to me, but I’m used to playing Seth in SF4 so any health is good health. I’m not really good at judging that stuff.

Thank you so much for this. This sort of insight I actually like more than the new knowledge that we’ve been craving for god knows how long :lol:

How was Magneto looking? Is he still able to rushdown well? Can he still combo into Hyper Grav and into Magnetic Tempest?

Any thoughts, even vague ones on the other newer characters or CapAm? >.>

Any chance you caught wesker’s other two colors?

Seth said he had a 300% combo. Nice posts guys!

Forgot to add:
Invincibility in hyper moves is comically short. More times than we can count, normal moves beat someone out of their hyper move, sometimes even before the flash. And you still lose the one bar you cashed in.

:u: Added that right at the beginning in GENERAL> HYPER COMBOS HAVE NO INVINCIBILITY :wink:

Did not check magneto too thoroughly (sp?), I’m sorry. I do remember winning with him a match, but i can’t remember anything in particular. QCF+A/B/C is quick and pretty good. that’s all I can tell you, sorry, but he seemed to be up there with doom. (I was majorly having lulz at the fact that his 2E is the same as his MvC2 infinite and using that as an “infinite”)

A friend said CaptainAmerica seemed weird, and he’s been playing cap since MSH. I’ll ask him about it.

Wesker Colors were if I remember clearly

3-Black and white?
4-Full on white suit.

Maybe one of those was a blue costume, not sure, I mostly ran black.

Does ryu seem alright? It seems that chun is looking good so im guessing capcom did something with the guy.

Is there a character that stood out most to you?

Thanks for the Q and A!!! =)

That makes sense though. Was like that in TvC too. Fuck up your combo or random hyper and you get hit for it.

Ryu… he’s the same boring old stuff. Aimable Shinku in the air I guess… he’s the average character he usually is. he really has nothing special I think.

Trish stood out the most to me. Chun too. Both give out good damage and Chun+X-factor is DEADLY.

oh, BTW, that little morrigan/mirror (Astral Vision) thing is still in and it’s lulzy as fuck to do. Loved it xD

Thank you =)

Amaterasu and the Satomi dogs by ~TwiggyFirefox on deviantART

Would it happen to be the dog on the left? I love that one! XD

It’s all good Kanta-Kun. You have already answered so many questions for us. Lol, I have one more question about Dormammu and I’ll stop bothering you. :china:

Can he cancel dark portal into a teleport?

Like portal>teleport>combo?

Maybe because I was more used to him but I absolutely loved to use Zero. Big chances for him to be in my main team. So far I can see my team to be any combination of Viper, Chun-Li, Storm and Zero. Perhaps Dante if I ever memorise how to do his 40 or so moves. Amaterasu kind of disappointed me but that’s most likely because I was really bad with her and had no idea what I was doing. I’ll probably like more characters once I actually know what I can do with them. The build we were playing had no pause function and no moves for anyone so for some of the characters we didn’t know much about we had to guess what their moves were. Should’ve seen us trying to pull off Wolverine’s steroid hyper (ps we never did)

I think he would have posted it by now.

Theyre not holding back anything.

Thanks! I’ll take anything I can get :wink:

You did mention Magneto’s j.2E though and how it was pretty much the same as Magneto’s ROM infinite in MvC2. Are you trying to say that you can do the ROM for multiple reps until hitstun scaling prevents it from further happening? If that’s the case, I’ll be ecstatic that you can still ROM to an extent in this game :).

Count 3 from the right. That’s the color.

did not check Dark Portal xx Teleport. Did not give a lot of importance to teleport traps (I should have). oh, Stalker Flare has a truckload of recovery.

surging, I meant [media=youtube]-s0OVbm5570&t=0m24s[/media] I don’t know about ROM though :<

Did you play any Mags, Shulkie, Spencer, or MODOK?

Good show guys :slight_smile: