Marvel vs capcom 3 sucks


Thanks for dumbing down another game. Let’s make it easy for people to play so we can make more money, yeah that sounds like a great idea. How can we do this? I know make one button a pop up button. YEAH THAT SOUNDS GREAT! Oh and we can also put in an x factor so we can pretend like we expanded on the game. BRILLIANT! I have the game and have been playing it for a few days now. They simplified everything its just TVC meets SF4 and not the game we waited 10 years for. I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but oh well, capcom will be getting a lot more.

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Does it have other modes other then arcade mode/online mode?


cool story bro

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You’re trolling, right?


Play Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

Lol Nickguy.


I wish I was trolling, there is a mission mode with 10 moves per char, the story ending is a really short comic for each char and no movies. There is a light medium hard and exchange button. The magic seris doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t get me wrong there are good points about the game like the combos can be really complex but I am dissappointed.

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It just gets me so upset, they design games with the perpose of making money. I understand that’s what its all about but 10 years ago they would design complex deep games so that way people could get a lot out of them, now they have to dumb things down so new people won’t get discouraged.


People still use T-Mobile?


This isn’t a real topic so I’m going to try to guess how long before it gets locked/deleted. I bet within 5 hours.



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i am so sorry about your thread, budango


Don’t hate me for mvc3 being a piece of trash, wait until u play it

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I’m so sorry for capcom


Even if you don’t like the game, how far do you think trolling is going to get you?

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You should return your game if you don’t like it. I wish I was trolling.


Ill return the dvdr to walgreens tomorrow. Plus everyones specials are the same. Qcf+two attacks qcb+ 2 attacks dragon punch + 2 attacks. I’m just really pissed.


Sorry I’m a nerd but I’m not up to date on nerd lingo, if venting my frustrations to other gamers about a game I thought would be gold is trolling then yes I am trolling. I just wish mvc3 was better and so will you


nah man ill take it off your hands


i got banned for this!


what if ive already played it and already like it

what then smart guy