Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Tournament 2/19/11

** AnimeCastle MvC3 Tournament 2/19/11
** Location And Contact Info**
Anime Castle Store
35-32 Union Street
Flushing, NY 11354

$5 Dollar Buy-In 

**Traveling Info**
Train: 7
Bus: Q13, Q20, Q44, Q16, Q14, Q28
**Call For Info If Needed.**

PlayStation 3
Fight Sticks
**Being Your Own Fight Sticks And Controllers If You Per far.
Please Bring Your Own Equipment For Tournament.  **

**Game Time**
Casuals Starts At 2:00pm
Tournament Starts At 3:00pm

Double Elimination
2/3 Matches
3/5 For The Finals 

**Winner Gets A Copy Of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 
For The System Of Their Choosing!


**Can't Wait To See You Guys At The AC Tournament!
Enjoy & Good Luck! **

nice i might be going to this one

Get The Word Out, Tell Your Friends About It, And Have Them Make Some Post So I Know How Many Are Coming…

Il be there

will there be any 360 set ups? i have a stick for 360 and im interested in attending but i dont have a 360 to ps3 converter or anything.

I’ll be attending with 2 friends of mine. Lets see how mvc2 skills translare into mvc3

You guys better just stay home unless you wanna pay for my copy of Marvel :smiley:

No 360’s We Have PS3 And A Hori TE Fight Sticks There If You Need To Use It…

@ Mike G. Your Copy…? You Need To See How Good People Play First Before You Start Talking Smack About It Being Yours… Plus Just Show Up And We’ll See Who’s Copy It Is… :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Might wanna put “queens, ny” in the thread title so more people show up. Would it be a problem if I recorded matches at this shindig? I’ll be entering as well.

Ok ok ok. Fun was had, Matches were won/lost and niggas got hit by pipes so i’m content…

… however sweet jesus man! 1 lone 360 setup for “Casuals” that like only 2 people played/payed for? IMO that setup should have been used for the tournament, but i GUESS 2$ for an hour of play time is ok…

Another gripe. only 2 setups? its a mahvel tourny! Even the small ones are gonna need more than 2 setups doood! I would have saved 2hrs travel time and moolah if i knew that in advance…

I know it sounds like I just inhaled mad salt while i’m bleeding, but I did have mad fun. I just would not ever come to a shindig at your spot in the future unless your tourny hosting game steps up.

Shout outs to everyone I played and conversed with.

The Classy Tasky/Chris/Haggar

That tournament was fucking hyper

Waiting for the vids! Post soon!


**Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: FTW

1 George Chern
… 2 Glitch
3 Jonathon Mingki
4 Jorel Fowler
5 Winrich Sy
5 Brandon D.
7 Zachary Cuevas
7 Jamel Pearson
9 Sean Yearwood
9 IgotdemBombs
9 Joel Rodriguez
9 Willi Chen
13 The Ultimizer
13 Harsh Kumar
13 Brian Ngai
13 Marcus White
17 Jeremy Rodriguez
17 Astley Graham
17 Sam Yum
17 Andres Munoz
17 Jonathon Hernandez
17 Alex Favry
17 Cody Crispen
17 Sean M.
25 Sean Berliner
25 Gerardo Lora
25 Ahmed Bennett
25 K-ron
25 Tom Yisco
25 Vincent Leung
25 Nick Pagan (Forfeited)
25 Chirstian Rodriguez
33 Franklin Cardona
33 Sean Meng
33 Matthew Mason
33 Ryan Tlman
33 Josh Rosenberg
33 Eric Sun
33 Jamer Sumter
33 Robinson Hernandez
33 Yoru Yasakani
33 James B. (Forfeited)
33 Ryan Tejeda