Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Tournament ideas/thoughts/feeback

Hey everyone, myself and few friends are getting ready to setup a small local tournament within the state North Carolina. I’m wanting to hear everyones thought,opinions,ideas, etc on what we can improve before we have it so everything can run smoothly. I have tournaments for other events but not a fighting game.

So far:
we have heard from some local players in the area that they want to not have the un-lockable characters within the game used for reasons, thoughs on this everyone? Also they want to eliminate fightsticks within he tournament because of people having to change around button configurations,once again thoughts on this?

We have everything else mapped out for this tournament just needing everyones thoughts and please voice your opinion on this to make sure this even runs smoothly.


  • Mikado

Eliminate sticks ?. Might as well host it in your basement and have your mom make supper for everyone.

People should play with what they want to play with. They don’t want to wait for button configurations? Fine, then they can avoid that by staying home.

No unlockable characters? Again, tough on them, they should stay home.

Personally, I don’t care either way if we have fight sticks or the unlockable characters.
I can see where they come from with the fight sticks because if you have to do some crazy setup to make combos,hyper combos,etc easier then yeah. I can deal with people changing some configurations as long its still on considerable fair playing field. I’m sure y’all will agree with me on that point. Also I need to apologize in advanced because I’m typing all of this from my cell phone because I’m at work. Either way I’m here seeking the thoughts of the community here before making anything final.

All of those “easier” configurations can be just as easily done on a pad. That’s not an excuse.

No offence but those rules are fucking retarded.

No unlockable characters? Is this because everyone is scared of Sentinel? Seriously wtf. This is retarded. I wouldnt go to this tournament for this alone.


Might as well just fucking play with your balls. It barely takes any time at all to do button configs. How big is this tournament meant to be that time is that crucial? By the look of it with these rules theres only gonna be 2 people turning up.

If i came to this tournament and didnt know these shitty rules beforehand i would do a 360 and (moon)walk away.

Easier combos? What the?

You can’t configure auto combos through button mapping and there’s no bonus buttons on a stick. Pad actually has more buttons and the button config window is the same and has 2 or more actions mapped to 1 button by default.

The “stick ban” is unwarranted and sounds like a bunch of kids think stick makes the player better.

There’s no reason to not play with unlockable characters, they sound scared.

Scrub Mentality FTL, ban shit because you think it’s unfair for some made up reasons that have no truth behind them.

Default settings, bring your own stick because even the mappings on a game pad can differ from player to player, unlockable characters are fine.


Anything else is bullshit.

I could careless if we have fights sticks or unlockable characters.

Saitsuofleaves: you have a point but myself don’t care if they set it up that way or not

Daddygerplex: Sentinel is used in 80% of my teams and the character isn’t that hard to take out

I’m not even the organizer of this part of the tournament. I just happen to know about this site and make an account so the guy running this part can make something decent of it. I say fightsticks and unlockables, while you have others bitching about this this and that

I’m running my tournament that have before for the 6 years the same way and trying to guide this guy in correct directions so he doesn’t end up with a horrible event. There is no reason to bash the guy wanting to make a good event while trying to make sure everyone will have a good time.

you should probably punch the guy in the face

just sayin

Sentinel represent yo. He is in 100% of my times! :rock:

My comments were too harsh and vulgar I apologise. I would just say to him that this isn’t how fighting games are normally run, and that he is ruining the tournaments chances by having arbitrary rules.

The current way he is doing it he might as well introduce more rules like Ryu mirror match only, no assists, final destination.

If the people are throwing hissy fits about such things maybe they shouldn’t be in a fighting game tournament at all? God forbid they have to fight people with using fightsticks :sweat:

This. Very much this.

Bro, no need to apologize I expected the comments when I posted this for him.

If it was me I would say every character are allowed and default settings on the controllers/fight sticks

Best 2 out of 3
Final 4 matches : best 3 out of 5

Repeat after me: arcade sticks, arcade sticks, arcade sticks.

Stop saying fight sticks. Thanks.

Old People

Also, get off my lawn.

Considering MvC3 doesn’t have an arcade version and there’s an MvC3 stick…yeah I’d say fight stick is fine. Arcades are dying but fighters are alive so might as well embrace the evolution of the term. A stick for fighters. Arcades will soon be only a memory.

I have 8 different sticks that are used for MvC3.

One of them is a fight stick.

The rest are arcade sticks.

No fight sticks? Well it’s nice that this game is attracting the attention of casuals.

People complaining about button mappings?
Fine defaults only
Type A for Pad, Type B for Madcatz, Type C for Hori
oh look Capcom thought of that and built the shit in to the game.
No more button mapping problems as it takes all of a second to switch between types.

I’m a determined Pad Player and I think banning Sticks is dumb.

As for the unlockable characters thing, that doesn’t make much sense to me as these characters are actually balanced against the cast. I don’t really see a reason to ban them, besides if everyone is keen on not using those characters then they won’t get used.

I suck with a gamepad! I have no clue how some people are gods with them but I need my stick to survive.
Most of the best players use sticks right?