Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Tournament Orlando,Fl @ Play N Trade Waterford Results

1.Josh Cleto
2.Johnny Findley
3.Jesse white

Thank you all for coming out and participating in my tournament. Hopefully ill see you all
at the next one. Congrats to the winners you guys did awesome.

Yea it was a great tourney. Surprised I came in second and didn’t even have sent on my team lol. We will be hosting more tournaments at play in trade. Next one will be for marvel and super. And we will also do one for mk9.

Josh took first with taskmaster, hulk, sent.

I took second with wesker, dante, haggar.

Jesse took third with akuma, ryu, sent.

The matches were epic. The final match was best out of 5 and it went all 5 rounds.