Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament [PS3 ATM]

Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament is happening April 29th-May 1st online wise.

Of course, this means that you’ll have to take the day(s) off to participate as this will HAPPEN in just 3 days. So, if you’re not ON. Sorry to burst your bubbles. But, you’ll be disqualify.

However, we’ll do more tournament for Marvel vs Capcom 2, 3, MK9, 3rd Strike and many more. So, don’t be upset if you lose.

Prize: One DLC character or alternative pack.

Register Today!!!

Playstation Network ID:

We will be using Battle-Ground on as the chat room to keep records and this board to keep track who’s winning and who’s losing.

This is a US/Canada tournament ONLY.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament - Shun Goku Satsu Dojo

Some how with the 3 day stipulation for this tournament I find a lot of people won’t sign for this. I’ve been a busy man lately so you can count me out for this one.

Well, Apr 29-May 1 is Friday-Sunday, so it’s not too hard… Even if I don’t play too much MvC3, I’ll still sign up

Playstation Network ID: EricGGMusic
Timezone: Toronto EST

True, but I wanna see how the 3 days goes vs a whole month set-up. :slight_smile: So, this is a test again but with a prize installed :wink:

Playstation Network ID: AggieManiac704
Timezone: Eastern
Skype: datboimr704

Keep up the registration.

sign me up even though i dont even play this shitty game and theonline is terrible


I know Telly. I am having issues with lag input delay. :frowning: