Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Zombies Paradoxs

Ok so go with me on this. On EP 3 Albert Wesker had the T-Virus AND Papers in a case and Magneto stole it. Now this is for fun. In Marvel Zombies Dead Days Magneto onboard Asteroid M, feels sorry for bringing the virus to Earth-2149 and returns to the planet to help. Now that is all i no. So far The store gose like this.

The exact origin of the infection is unknown to the zombified heroes of Earth-2149. A version of the Sentry had mysteriously appeared and began infecting various superheroes, causing the plague to spread like wildfire across Earth, obliterating the human population.

Now before the Sentry got to Earth Ash has died in the previous Army of Darkness’ storyline and is now in (what appears to be) Heaven. The superpowered entity known as ‘The Sentry’ shows up in the afterlife as will and begins consuming everyone in sight. Ash and the Sentry end up shunted into another reality. Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness. The story quickly jumps into Latveria, inside Dr. Doom’s castle. Dr. Doom has Ash by the throat, threatening to kill him if he made fun of him again. They plead to Doom to let them obtain the Necronomicon and undo the zombie plague, but Dr. Doom shirks them off and tells them that the infection isn’t supernatural, but extraterrestrial.

The ultimate origin of the infection is unknown. That is why i think Magneto got it from Albert Wesker.

Although a paradoxical loop is responsible for its existence in the universes seen in the Marvel Zombies and Marvel Zombies Return, several universes are shown to have their own isolated outbreaks that have not spread to other realities. As seen in Marvel Zombies 5, some of these universes have unique variations different from the established virus.

Now at the end
Marvel Zombies Return Issue four follows Earth Z’s Hulk who returns to the blue area of the moon only to be infected by the zombified Inhumans, and goes on to infect Earth-Z’s Sentry in turn. Issue five ties these threads together, resolving the fates of all of the original Marvel Zombies. At the end, Earth Z’s Watcher shunts the last Earth-Z Marvel Zombie, the Sentry, back through time and dimensions to its arrival on Earth 2149 (the original Marvel Zombies universe). In doing so, it closes a time loop, which keeps the virus contained on Earths 2149 and Z, both of which it has devastated, since (according to the Watcher himself) no one has the ability to destroy it outright.

BUT Ware did the Virus come from… I think it came after the Battle in marvel Vs Capcom 3

This fan fiction certainly doesn’t belong in MvC3 fighting game discussion.

i gonna make a thread kinda like this but a new game mode idea instead