Marvel vs Capcom 3's speed is waaay OUT OF CONTROL!

The ridiculously quick pace simply doesn’t allow enough time for a punch in the face to even resonate. It all goes by too fast and sounds like a small tap. matches(especially at high levels) are silly-looking. it’s like someone is controlling the game with a remote and pressing fast forward. that’s just on it’s own, but when you combine it with moves like wolverine’s speed special or x-factor it’s lol-material.

With the speed of the game like this(twice as fast as mvc2 by the way), blocking is less based on skill and more on luck. Watch high level play and see how blurred everything is. You can barely see what’s going on and only catch things when characters are separated. I know people want to turn this game into a dedicated tournament fighter, but with things like super high damage from BnBs, retarded comeback mechanics(x-factor and stupid quick hyper meter gain even from getting hit) and the silly Benny Hill-styled speed this game can’t really be taken seriously imho.

troll is obvious

I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone call it faster than MvC2.


although I do miss MvC2’s music

You can naturally adjust to the game’s normal speed while playing. Stuff like X-factor + speed boost hyper is retarded and impossible to react to, sure, but the normal speed besides that is not that fast and not everyone has a hard time seeing/reacting to what’s going on.

lock plz, this guy was suppose 2 be done talking about this game a month ago.

aside from the first few days of playing and my first encounters with X-factor 3 Chun I’ve never been overwhelmed with the speed of marvel 3.

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I’ve heard this plenty. I’m sure even Wong has stated this.

I agree to a point. Half the time the in the commentaries they are not even saying anything, cause they dunno whats going on. So many times I’ve heard them say " What just happened there ?.. or whats going on ?? ". Agreed that blocking is not skill full at all, there are SO many attacks, that you just cannot get down in time to block with characters, you just gotta crouch and hope for the best. In games like Tekken and Virtual Fighter, you can see the move, and if you react fast enough, it can be blocked. Things come at you pretty quick in Street Fighter 4 as well, but at least it is pretty predictable, with the whole footsies.

This is an aggressors game, if you sit back and block and counter-attack, you will lose. Just watch Justin Wong go to town with Wolverine and Akuma, how many successful blocks can you get… 2, maybe 3 before you are fucked with some unblockable assist then quickly killed. I’m not saying this is what makes the game bad, game is a blast to watch, however playing online if thats the only scene you got, it’s a nightmare because of this.

I can’t be the only one that actually finds the game to be slow when it comes to long-range movement, can I? In HDR I can jump across the entire screen in just over 40 frames on speed 0. Anything that will actually get you full screen in this game has either huge start up or huge recovery, with the exception of plink wavedashing, of course, which is just barely faster than walking in HDR with a fast character. Zero feels completely sluggish when he doesn’t have X-Factor 3, when compared to Megaman X5/6 with the Hyper Dash and Speedster equipped, too.

Sadly it isn’t.

And since when was gaining bar for taking damage a comeback mechanic? I thought comeback mechanics were things that are unlocked via losing to attempt to make the game more dynamic or whatever nonsense reason you pick… certainly it’s not as much of a comeback prevention tool as it is in other games, but you still gain more meter for winning.

As for title comment… meh, the game isn’t that fast, certainly not to the point of being unmanageable, outside certain characters in XF…

theres no way in hell that is possible

yeah xfactor is a little too broken but whatever

Fast is good. Go play soul calibur, and may your soul burn on… somewhere else.

The game isn’t going to change so your better off playing something else if you hate it so much.

I watched some videos of Japanese playing MVC2 and Sent moved around way faster than anyone does in this game.

Did this learn us any new groundbreaking about MvC3?


You gave your opinion, which could have been done in general discussion in a much more subtle way.