Marvel VS Capcom (Arcade) Mods


Please post information about modding the arcade version of Marvel VS Capcom 1 here.

So far the only things I’ve been able to locate are palette edits. I am more interested in the following:

–Allowing the hidden character portraits to be selectable without input cheat-codes
–Updating some of the sloppy sprites (Morrigan and War Machine come to mind)
–Giving “Bonus Characters” like Shadow Lady and Lilith unique sprites (not sure if possible-- game may just use alt palettes for these bonus characters without actually using a “new” sprite for them)

–Modifying movesets or even porting movesets from other CPS2 games (if possible, probably not)
–Disabling assist characters as a whole (if possible, probably not)

I would think the first three things are more possible than the last two. I have a decrypted rom, however I can’t find a download for XCOPY to encrypt the rom. I know the game splits the graphical files into different parts which is not dissimilar from Neo Geo CD games. I’ve successfully edited and injected sprites into Neo Geo CD Arcade Games (KoF 2002), and I understand that MvC also uses a tiled system. I feel as though I have an understanding of the process of modding the sprites and re-injecting them into the game, it’s just a matter of finding the appropriate files to modify, and specifically how to modify them. I’d really like to work on updating MvC 1’s sprites to a more 3S sprite style. I’m an advanced pixel artist ready to dive into a new project, so if anyone has any information on modding the CPS2 MVC, please post it here! I want to get started as soon as I can.