Marvel vs Capcom Execution tips? (for a Street Fighter IV player)

I’m a Street Fighter IV player who just got into Marvel and I seem to be having trouble with the combos. I play Akuma in SFIV and I I guess I would say I am too used to links, and this chain system is really throwing me off. While I have little to no problem with execution in Street Fighter, I seem to flub a lot of my combos in Marvel. Maybe it’s the chain combos that confuse me, or it might be the long combos? Maybe both? Either way I seem to have trouble learning anything outside of L, M, H, S, L, M, H, Hyper.

And whats even worse is when I switch between the two I seem to carry habits from each game to the other, such as chaining through combos in SF and delaying them in Marvel.

So does anyone have any tips on getting better with the combo system in Marvel for a Street Fighter p,ayer, or does it just take practice? And any tips on switching between the two would also be appreciated.

Hard to give advice without knowing what character you’re playing. In general, there’s very few things that are actually difficult in Marvel, so my guess is it’s exactly as you mentioned - you’re just not used to the way the inputs work in this game. The fix for that is just more practice. Hit up the lab for a couple hours and practice whatever combo you’re trying to do over and over again, and make sure you don’t just stop the first time you hit it. There’s not really anything else to it then that.

There’s a few things that require you to “get” something about the input to be able to execute consistently (like the rhythm on flight combos, when to delay inputs to make combos easier for characters like Sentinel or Dormammu or how to modify your input to do certain links more consistently with Viper), but I don’t really want to go into those without knowing who or what you’re having trouble with.

Do missions

If you are a beginner stick to L, M, H, S, M, M, H, Hyper. The golden rule for combos in this game is that you drop a combo, you lose the match. And basic combos that do solid damage is always better than not so basic, easily droppable combos that doesn’t do much more damage than the basic combos. It takes a long time to master those not so basic combos, just stick to combos you are 100% comfortable with in matches and once you feel that your muscle memory has leveled up you are move on to those harder stuff.