Marvel Vs Capcom Faces

Does anyone know where I can find the entire crew from Marvel Vs Capcom face picture. The ones that show half their face, and when you do a super combo, the faces combine?

I did a search on google, and to no avail, I am unable to find anything. Thanks in advance.

p.s. the main two characters I am looking for are Jin Saotome, and Strider Hiryu.,

You can find the rest here:
I think all the characters are back up.

Oh, half face/combined…not sure where you can find them, but some characters have the half face images on FG.

Nice site with pics… unfortunately couldn’t find the half faces :-\

for anyone not knowing what i am talking about it looks like this.
It’s the half face, but flipped and put together of Strider.

you are my hero!

did you screen cap that or what?

Yes, with Kawaks.

Nice job. How’d you do it?

Tools -> Shot factory