Marvel vs Capcom Naomi question?

I recently purchased a Marvel vs Capcom 2 arcade cabinet and was wondering if anyone knows were I might be able to find a manual or if anyone knows what the dip switches are used for in this game. :confused:

If you mean the dipswitches on the Naomi motherboard then the first one switches between 15 KHz standard resolution RGB and 31 KHz high resolution VGA, the others arenโ€™t used I think. All game settings are done from the test menu.

yeah that is what I was talking about thanks. Also my monitor displays red off and on . I was wondering if anyone knows what the cable looks like that controls the red. It turns off and on if I move the cables that are connected to the controllers which makes no sense to me. I figure something most be loose.

Thanks that was exactly what I needed. :rock: