Marvel vs Capcom or Killer Instinct?


I am on XB1 and I have narrowed it down to Which one should I get into and play ?


At this point if you are new to fighting games skip marvel vs capcom 3. MvC3 has abysmal online, the few people that still play it are all veterans, the game is not supported anymore by developers, the game is on its way out with MvC:I coming out in september.

Go with Killer Instinct as its online is one of the best currently out there(supposedly), supported by developers, it’s a game that will stick around for another while so no wasted investment.


Play whichever one you enjoy more. KI is F2P, so download it and try it out. idk if UMvC3 has a demo or something you can try.

KI destroys UMvC3 online when it comes to how well it plays though.


To a lesser extent, I’d say the same thing about KI. But it’s free and I think season 4 is happening.



What a gamer!


I am tired of being mistreated by the gaming community. not gonna deal with that.


Well the 360 was great for the last generation, so it’s hard to fault people for thinking it would be great this generation. I mean it did have KI at launch after all. I certainly didn’t expect the PS4 to do so much better.


Should I switch to PS4 and find a game there ?


Are you just trying to get into fighters? The PS4 is the hands down best console for that this generation. The PC would be second and the Xbox 1 would be 3rd. But with the PS4 Pro out now, I’d be looking more into that, unless you can do a trade or get a PS4 pretty cheap.


I have both consoles and the XBone is hands down the better option for me. PS4 has SFV which is nice if that is what you want to play.
But the Xbone has a much nicer online infrastructure. I get less lag when comparing things like MKX on Xbone to what I get on the PS4. But that could just be me. Could be the insane server network Microsoft has. Who knows.

But personally, I would take KI over SFV any day. SFV is very generic. KI feels like something special.
Of course if you can play both then you are golden. And KI over MvC3. Wait for the new Marvel if you want to play a tag game. But keep in mind you are allowed to play more than one fighting game. We give you permission to do that.

But what the dudes have said is somewhat legit. It is the console of choice for fighting game tournament organizers, mainly in part to SFV. It makes it easier to have fewer systems required. But you can practice any game on Xbone and play it on PS4 at the events. If anything you can pick the controller/stick/pad you prefer and get a Brooks adapter to use it on either system. Then it doesn’t matter what console you use.