Marvel vs. Capcom Origins coming to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network


I’m not into kids, but that cabinet is awesome


Well, decided to ditch Venom, so now I’m running MM/GWM. Honestly, this team is so cheap that I’m slapping myself for not thinking of this sooner! The Rush Drill/War Destroyer Duo is outright stupid, and Megaman builds so much meter during his neutral game that getting 3 bars is a cinch. Plus GWM shuts down a solid portion of the cast on his own, which is a nice perk. I like the fact that GWM completely changes the way both you and your opponent have to approach the game.


Can’t wait to run the classic combos & teams when this drops! Hulk/Zangief, Hulk/Wolverine, Morrigan/Chun Li, Jin/Megaman, Captain America/Venom, I can go on & on! Infinity Gauntlet-Magneto, Juggernaut, Iron Man, Shuma Gorath, aww man gotta love it!


Hey now, I love that game

Really? Timeline??


Where are you guys going for combos and strat. guides with each character? I have to rep Mega Man and Venom.



those old combos! jajajaja!

I’m excited to play this on PSN, since I don’t have emulator!


I learned my strats in the 90’s by beating ass at arcades. I learned my combos by training mode on Dreamcast.

Oh, you mean the 2012 way?


You want the 90’s way?


Depends on who you ask.

There were a few guys that printed out stuff, and they had advantage for all of a week(we played Sat at the arcade). Personally I enjoyed coming up with my own shit, and have too much ‘old school’ pride to be taught even today. Thats why I dont play most newer games, as there is no reason to come up with your own style/strats/combos. Everything you THINK you come up with…somebody already made a youtube tutorial.

Hell, even when I play matches in games that I dont know, and the opponent is trying to ‘teach’ me, I tell them to just fight and I’ll figure out what to do myself. It probably lags me slightly behind (today’s) learning curve, but I’ll deal with it.


This is pretty much true about everything in life. Regardless of the medium you’re talking about.


the people that really want to get good at this game will, and those who dont, wont.

either way, now that I have planned to go to FR for mvc2 i probably wont pick mvc1 up other than for fun til after march


Looks like this game is being released on PSN tomorrow! Anyone know what time the Playstation store updates?


North America East Coast usually updates around 6-7pm sometimes an hour or 2 earlier


Marvel Deal of the Week stuff for Live arcade(not sure about PSN)
Jill and Shuma DLC, 200 MSP each
MVC2 on sale for 600MSP
XMen Arcade Game 400 MSP


Brazil Oldschool x Usa Oldschool on GGPO.

Taikoubou (P1) x Spider-dan (P2)

All chars playable, rush down, counter matchups, a few infinites, etc.

This game can be cool without infinites!


so who got this yet


Still not up yet. I’m guessing it’ll be around an hour or two before this drops.




It’s up for me! Now downloading…with my crappy college internet this may take a while. :sweat: