Marvel vs Capcom tourney Friday 8/15. [2DF]

I am posting this for someone without a SRK account.


Alright I decided to make one, here are the rules:

Double Elimination, 9/16 players, loser brakets will be included.

You pick two characters, and you will stick with them through the tourney.

No Infinites-for you guys with chun-li, non whatsoever, but long streamed combos are okay, as long as you can’t repeat it till your opponent dies, in which is an infinite.

-picking your special strikers are allowed(I know about, just forgot how to, but gamefaqs got it)

-if You can’t host, you will need hamachi or Kaillera.

for P2P kaillera

for hamachi

7-8 PM EST(so if your central like me, it’ll be 6-7PM) registration, tourney will start at 9 PM EST, 8 PM Central

PM me here or in the 2DF client to register. PM me on who you will be playing with.

US, Canada, and Mexico Only.

Link to 2DF thread :

An infinite is a combo that never ends. There are 100%s that AREN’T infinites ya know…

Dunno about this “announcing on the day of” thing, I might enter to just get my face kicked in, been so long since I played MvC online.

I dont think he will be able to post on this…he is waiting on confirmation email. You can post concerns/questions on his thread at 2DF if possible.

I just posted for him.

The tourney has been postponed for this Friday guys, so u can sign up Thursday and Friday.

and I wanna thanks 78 for posting this here, since my account wasn’t activated yet.

My name is JimRhodes and I DO NOT approve of this shitty ass tournament.

So you dont approve of someone trying to have a fun tourney or someone trying to help a fellow vs fighting fan by posting and you neg rep them? Classy. :rolleyes:

God forbid someone tries to have a little fun and setup a tourney for fellow players to enjoy.

Thanks for reminding me why I quit coming here years ago…

Hey there!

Im glad you asked. . . I actually love the fact that your getting a tourney togther for MVC, its one of my all time fav games. But the problem is that your not really hosting a tourney, your hosting a scrub-fest.

By putting in ridiculous rules like “no infinites for you guys with Chun Li” your asking for a scrub fest to occur and not a tourney that invloves skill.

There are plenty more characters in this game that can do inf besides Chun-Li, and if you are talking about all infinites how the hell are you going to decide when there is an infraction? When someone gets more then 80 hits with an inf?!

So, we can start an infinite and as long as we dont kill the chracter off its legal?

Doesnt make any sense, especially in the context of MVC. . . So Kudos for trying to put a tourney together.

On the other hand, neg rep for making such a stupid tournament and trying to make rules that cant even be properly quantified and result in a scrub fest.

Perhaps you dont understand the game that well . . and thats fine but in that case you should listen to the reasons you are creating a scrub fest rather then beeing all butt hurt.

You need to work on your reading comprehension…this is not my tourney. I have nothing to do with it.

I am flattered you think I care enough about you to get ‘butt hurt’ by you giving neg reps…unfortunately I just find you to be another immature person who needs to use something like your premium account to feel ‘big’ or better about yourself.

If you find the rules of the tourney are not up to yours or other MvC players standards give that feedback to Nagato…or PM me and we can set up a tourney.

I do not play really play MvC as I find it lacking in the things I love about vs fighting games. I am merely supporting someone trying to get something going that can be fun for MvC players whether I agree with his rules set or not is a moot point.

However I do agree with your points…if you want to get with Nagato about his tourney or contact me and we can set up something different. Up to you.

I was just refering to chun-li as an example, just try not to do infinites is all I ask.
seriously, in my opinion infinites should be Illegal, cause once it’s started, if pretty much over, so try not to.

long combos as in like a 20hit with capain america, or a 26 hit or whatever.
If ur opponent can’t block or some shit, and the number add up to like a 60hit, then it’s an infinite.
Now if he can block, but chooses not to, I won’t hold you responsible, cause he sould have blocked when he had the chance.
that’s like the only rule I have for this tourney, and I wish everyone follows it, cause it isn’t a hard rule.