Marvel vs Capcom

a versus thread for a versus game

how comes the street fighters abnormal abilities and akuma’s tendancy to kick battleships in half and level mountains still puts them at a lower level than the marvel characters?

I’ve never understood fans looking at street fighters as normal human beings when they have never been shown to be normal human beings at all.

to put the xmens martial artistry on par with a street fighter alone is insane, let alone a street fighters hightened sense of using “super abilities” effectively, mind games, yomi etc

why does wolverine jumping and slashing = death of m bison?

is this a strange thread? :rofl:

Suspension of disbelief.

yeah yeah I know there’s fighting game etiquette and stuff but in the name of cognitive curiosity I wanted to understand what parts of these fictional characters are misscalculated/overcalculated and why? it’s important to me no matter how silly it is to you (who has no reason to find interest in it) there’s things I can extract from this :wonder:

It has nothing to do with story/canon and everything with trying to shoehorn SF characters in a game with super jump screens and other stuff that they were never designed to deal with.

but none of the marvel characters where originally designed to be able to spam as much as you can in-game. what’s good about mvsc3 is they aren’t using old alpha sprites for the street fighter characters anymore, so it’s all on an equal playing field. though the point im trying to weed out is the state of mvsc2 has made it look like marvel characters in general > capcom characters

I think im just thinking ahead, since theres nowhere near as much information on capcom as there is on marvel so it’s obvious the general consensus would be the way it is, mvsc3 would probably change that though.

it’s kinda like Mk vs DC, where everyone was like “scorpion hurt superman???” when superman gets pummeled by the laziest/dumbest magical beings anyone has ever seen.

nevermind then, I understand that fictional logistics at the moment are still pretty stupid/lazy/tardy

M. Bison can teleport, but if he fs up one time, one well placed claw can kill him. Also pretty sure there can’t be a Capcom character that’s as powerful as the Hulk

I don’t know exactly why this thread was made. But I’m going to lock it.