Marvel vs capcom3 box art project


So i finally finished my box art and heres the psd for any one who wants it i will post up a ps3 version when i finish it.
Box art psd

Ps3 Ver.


Three months?? How often are you planning to look at the box art? :confused:


Every time you put the game in its case. Every time you glance at it on your shelf. Honestly. You look at cover art more than you dudes think. :\


well i ts not that i plan to look at it for a long time i just didnt want some crappy art on a game i been waiting for a;most ten yrs. stumblebee is right u do tend to look at it alot with out even knowing


make sure you submit this over at capcom unity, great job :tup:


Updated Ps3 box art added!


that looks dope!


awesome dude!